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"Finally! A Proven System to Get More Done Each Day!

Imagine knowing that every day you're in the office you're moving closer to your goals -- focusing on the right things to move you steadily forward!”

From: Sandra Martini
Dear Fellow Business Owner and Entrepreneur,


Starting in high school, then college and proceeding to my first *real* job with Peace Corps, then the Corporation for National Service and AmeriCorps, then off to the Corporate world and finally, as an entrepreneur and small business owner, I've searched. . .

Searched for a calendar system which worked. From

=> Day-Timer and Franklin Covey to

=> Time Resources, Behance's Action Method and Planner Pads to

=> Piecemealing my own solution resulting in 8 separate notebooks

None of them were quite right.

So late last year I did it. I created my own Strategic Business & Marketing Calendar System. Something designed by an entrepreneur and small business owner, FOR entrepreneurs and small biz owners. :-)

You're a business owner intent on making a difference and sharing your gifts with the world.

You know your stuff and yet your business isn't helping as many people as it could be and you're not bringing in the kind of consistent revenue you were hoping for.

And my guess is that, like me, you've struggled, are perhaps still struggling, to find a calendar system which works for you. Once which supports the way you work and the things you care about. Now, before you think "Wait, this is going to be just like everything else I've tried. . ."

There's one major difference.

This System, the Strategic Business & Marketing Calendar System, is where the rubber meets the road. It's where the reality of getting things done and your goals meet.

You know you want to impact X number of people over the next year while bringing in $Y revenue Maybe it's $100,000, $200,000 or $1 million -- the number doesn't matter here.

What does matter is HOW are you going to do it?money sky

Writing the number on your Vision Board, cutting out pictures of hundred dollar bills floating down around you, meditating over it, taping a bill to your ceiling so it's the first thing you see each morning and being grateful each day will all help of course, but they aren't going to make it happen on their own.

If they did, there'd be millions more billionaires all sitting on the beach meditating as money flows down around them.

As biz owners we're swamped -- there's always one more hat we need to be wearing, one more thing we need to be doing. Our "to do" or "action" lists can run for pages and it's easy to become overwhelmed or jump from project to project believing we're making progress on the whole. While others talk about "time vampires", we live them day in and day out.

Until now.

Imagine a System that works with you, which recognizes that your success lies, in part, in your ability to focus on those things which will move you forward.

Great way for me to focus at a glance…

"I've been using this system and am loving it!! Great way for me to focus at a glance (and more indepth if I choose to) on my business and what needs to be done when!"
Evelyn Kalinosky 
Evelyn Kalinosky, LLC  


How good would it feel to check things off your list, knowing that you're moving closer to your goals? To have a focus, knowing that the things you're doing are the right things, not a helter skelter mishmash of things just to say something got done?

There’s no feeling in the world like knowing that you, yes you, have the ability to create the revenue you desire to live your lifestyle of choice: whether it's being there to pick your children up at school, traveling the world, funding your retirement or living in a small home tending your organic gardens.

This System will not create that lifestyle for you -- no system can. It does, however, have the ability to change how you approach your business and get things done. has changed the way I do business!

"I've been using the system since the E3 conference and it has changed the way I do business! Thanks Sandy for all that you do for everyone!"

Fran McCully
Your Administrative Solutions

What exactly IS the Strategic Business & Marketing System?

We have two versions to suit your needs:

Strategic Business & Marketing System

Let's Make It Happen

I'd love the full Strategic Business & Marketing Calendar System and Program for the investment of $67. It includes:

  • 4 Quarter Strategic Business & Marketing Calendar System -- hardcopy delivered to your door
    • 4 Focus Areas: Visibility & Credibility, Productivity & Profits, Leverage and Raving Fans & Retention
  • Calendar System Maximization Training
  • 4 (four) 90-minute Planning Sessions: one for each focus area, immediately available and saved for your future access as needed
  • Quarterly Open Q&A Call for Questions
  • Online forum
  • Periodic surprises

Domestic US Shipping

Investment = $67



International Shipping

Investment = $67


sCredit Cards

Here is just a sampling of what you’ll receive when you use the Strategic Business & Marketing Calendar System

The system is a key tool in helping me reach my goals this year.

"I am using the calendar system now and am thrilled with the clarity that it brings to my daily and weekly routine. The system is a key tool in helping me reach my goals this year."

Carol Dorey Trickett
Trickett Glass


Debbie Deupree...with this calendar system it's so easy and rewarding to stay on track

"I tend to have a hard time focusing on what I need to be doing and with this calendar system it's so easy and rewarding to stay on track. It's so easy and fun filling it out too! I specially like the little tips at the top. Little things that need to get done but on my own I wouldn't be able to make it happen unless it was right there and so easy to implement. Thank you Sandy!"

Debbie Deupree
Intuitive Counselor

My Personal “Make You Happy” Guarantee


I'm 100% confident that if you employ all the techniques and resources I share with you, you'll gain a noticeable amount of new business over the next year.

So if the "Strategic Business & Marketing Calendar System" isn't everything you were expecting, and all my tips and resources don't produce the results you were looking for, just return your complete System and ask me for a prompt refund within the first 30 days.

You see, I’m 100% positive that this System, when used, will make a positive difference in your business – no hype, no BS, no fluff.

No reason needed. No questions asked.


Susan GiurleoNO overwhelm.

"This system is truly amazing. Really...if you have not ordered, please consider it. You just get up everyday, look at your calendar and know exactly what you need to do to move forward that day. NO overwhelm."

Shelley Webb,
On the Webb Social Media Services

Are you ready? Your business and goals are waiting!

Questions? Be sure to ask in the "live chat" box over to your lower right. I personally answer each and every question.

In full and unwavering support of you,

ssSandra Martini

Sandra Martini
Small Business & Marketing Consultant

P.S. Imagine yourself next year at this time – are you trying to figure out what to do and how you’re going to manage your "to do" list or are you celebrating all your accomplishments and creating new and even bolder goals? The choice is yours and this System is designed to help take you where you want to go.

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