ATTENTION Busy Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants & Solo Professionals

Things aren’t going quite as planned.

You’re looking to shake things up.

You work hard — sometimes too hard for the results you’re seeing.

You’re in the right place.

Dear Small Business Owner,

While you’ve been in business a while, things haven’t been this tough before. Your clients and customers aren’t investing with you like they used to. You’re working hard, likely too hard, and still wondering where the revenue, let alone the profits are.

Welcome to what was originally called the “New Economy” and has morphed into “life as we know it”.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you’re struggling in ways you didn’t used to and wondering “What happened?” or “Is it me?” or “What am I doing wrong?”, you’re in the right place.

Hi, I’m Sandy Martini and I know the importance of consistency in obtaining new clients, cash flow you can actually predict (AND pay your mortgage with) and the stability and security which comes from REAL marketing systems – those ordinary things which, when done consistently, create extraordinary results for you AND your clients.

I’d like to invite you to join me in a 5-week program that’s not about more information.  You know enough.  It’s time to look at what’s working and what’s not, implementing as we go.

5 Steps HeaderWeek 1 (May 1st 2pm EDT):  Know Your Business At Its Core and How to Attract the Right People

Week 2 (May 8th 2pm EDT):  Create a Strategic Plan

Week 3 (May 15th 2pm EDT):  Incorporate a Recurring Component

Week 4 (May 22th 2pm EDT):  Create and Leverage Marketing Assets

Week 5 Wrap-up Implementation Day (May 28th 11am – 4pm EDT):  For anything we didn’t cover during the 5-week Program or anything you’re having trouble with.

And throughout? Implement, implement, implement!

You’ll have access to all the resources you need to make the above happen:

  • From Marketing Action Plans, an Online Business and Marketing Resource Library with over 20 trainings on specific items to
  • Extreme Client Care™ Systems, Follow-up (both prospect and client) Systems, Pricing Spreadsheet/Video Tutorial, Tracking Templates and much more, including a private Facebook Group and e-learning platform to share ideas and get feedback between calls,
  • And, of course, all my Tools and Templates for use as is or tweaking to fit your business and personality.

Now that you know what you WILL receive, here’s what you won’t get:

  • fluff, unproven theories
  • magic pills, sugar-coated “build it and they will come” advice
  • me pulling the “mindset” card whenever you’re stuck – while I fully believe mindset plays a role, it’s not the ONLY thing which contributes to our success
  • a request that you call everyone on your list in order to build your business

I honestly don’t know of any other program that is this affordable and includes THIS MUCH time with me mentoring you on *real* business building topics and the things which are holding you back! I know you will value this time and use it to get the answers you need to take action. . .immediately and consistently!

“Sandy’s level of expertise,
her insights make her very different”

Hazel Palache““Sandy never disappoints. Whether it’s a product or a program she always comes through and gives much more than extreme client care! I’ve been a coach for quite awhile and have bought a variety of programs and products and I’ve had a few coaches but Sandy’s level of expertise, her insights and non judgmental attitude make her very different. Without Sandy I doubt very much if I would have stayed in business. Her continued encouragement and lack of judgment kept me moving forward.”

Hazel Palache

And the results you’ll experience — like growing your list with people who actually want to hear from you, creating your information products and learning to launch them consistently using a proven formula, creating marketing and business systems which create raving fans of your clients and so much more!

My goal with this program is to put affordable REAL mentoring and the information to have you implementing immediately in your hands. It’s insane to think you have to pay $1,000 or more to get this information in a program. You don’t.

And I’m not going to charge you more so you’ll “step up” simply because the price is higher.

This is where I’m supposed to ask you “What would it be worth to you to have a sustainable business generating regular cash flow from multiple sources?”, only I’m not going to do that.

So you don’t have to tell me that it would be “priceless”.

And I won’t tell you the investment is only a thousand dollars which pales in comparison to “priceless” and can be recouped with only X number of new clients.

Whew. . .since we’re going to skip all that, let me share the details with you. But first, note that we’re offering two programs below: “5 Steps to a Real Business” and “Fly on the Wall”:

“5 Steps” covers everything, and more, mentioned above in the 5-week summary.  “5 Steps” is meant to be a program that you can “take out” whenever things aren’t going as planned and assess what’s going on as you take quick action to reverse the trend.  If you feel your business is in a slump or has “hiccuped” lately, this program will help.

“Fly on the Wall” includes “5 Steps” and continues for a total of 90 working days (not “calendar” days).  My estimate is that it will run through August 2014 and you’ll discover the behind-the-scenes of everything we’re doing in my business, plus receive advanced trainings designed to provide the added “oomph” your current strategies need.

Over the next few months, I’ll be adding two brand new revenue streams to my business.  Fly on the Wall will take you behind the scenes of that and show you how, if interested, you could do the same.  Fly on the Wall will welcome you into my business so you can see the good, the bad and the ugly.  And, most importantly, how we handle the “ugly”.

Here are the details…

What You Will Receive
When you register

5 Steps to a Real Business

A Fly on the Wall

4 Weekly 60-90 minute LIVE Webinars with Sandy where she’ll guide me through her 5 Steps to a Real Business Process



5-hour Wrap-Up Implementation Webinar Session on May 28th from 11am – 4pm Eastern



Recordings of each Webinar Session just in case you can’t make it live



Weekly Action Guides that provide steps and resources for each week’s Webinar



Tools and Templates for Marketing Plans, Marketing Systems, Extreme Client Care™ Systems, Follow-up Systems, Pricing Spreadsheet, Sales & Marketing Tracking and much more



Private Facebook Group to ask questions and share results, get feedback



Access to the complete digital Business & Marketing Resource Library through June 2014


Through August 2014

90 “business” days worth of Behind-the-Scenes/Looking Over Sandy’s Shoulder listed in a private online platform for access at your convenience


4 60-minute Group Webcasts/Webinars to drill deeper into each month’s activities and answer any questions: May 29, June 24, July 31 and Aug 26 – all at 4pm EDT)


1 30-minute private call with Sandy each month May – August


Complimentary membership in all group programs through August 31, 2014


Access for your Team to our digital Business & Marketing Resource Library through August 2014


BONUS Group Webcast with Breakdown of this Marketing Campaign (April 29 at 4pm EDT)


BONUS for next 5 4 3 2 1Member: Extra 30-min call each month May – August  SCOOPED UP


BONUS for registrations before April 29th: Copy of EACH product created through August 31, 2014


Total Value



Total Investment*



* Prefer an installment plan?  Click on an option below for easy installments, billed 30 days apart.  

 5 Steps to a Real Business                                     Fly on the Wall

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Early Bird Bonuses

5 Steps to a Real Business:  The next five (5) 4 3 2 members will receive a hardcopy of each Sexy Systems, the Step-by-Step Sales Page Creator Workbook and the Guide to Creating a Speaker Sheet Which Gets Results delivered to their door.

EITHER PROGRAM:  All registrations on or before midnight Eastern Thursday, April 30th will receive $50 off when using the coupon code “GREMLINS” at checkout.

Fly on the Wall:  The next 5 4 3 2 1 Member will receive an additional private 30-minute call with Sandy each month of the program (May through August).  This gives you the Program FREE when compared to the investment of a quarterly Shot of Sandy!  This bonus has been scooped up!

Fly on the Wall:  All registrations on or before midnight Eastern April 29th will receive a complimentary copy of every product produced through August 2014.

I’m offering you the skills, tools and strategies to grow your business from a place of relationships .  Not “salesy” marketing, not hype and certainly not feeling as if you need to beg people to work with you.  And not just the information.  The goal of our 5 Steps Program is to have you taking action each and every week.

Today I walked away from a strategy session with Sandy with a plan for a completely new stream of both income and marketing. I was blown away.

Melissa McCreery“Sandy is a joy to work with and she’s a master at getting down to business and delivering what she promises. I’ve been involved in several of her programs and she always impresses. Today I walked away from a strategy session with Sandy with a plan for a completely new stream of both income and marketing. I was blown away. In that short time, Sandy brought forward, not only a big innovative idea, but a systematic plan for realizing it. Sandy doesn’t simply apply a “how to grow a business” formula to her clients, she hears what’s unique about you and your business and uses her considerable smarts to help you create a practical plan that fits.

I have a lot of respect for Sandy. She’s straightforward, savvy, and she knows what it takes to nurture and sustain a business. Most of all, she gives 110% to her clients 100% of the time.”

Melissa McCreery, PhD, ACC
The Smart Woman’s Overwhelm and Overeating Expert

I hope you aren’t disappointed that I didn’t give you 20 pages of fluff and reiteration about the program. Fact is, it’s a darn great program at an extremely reasonable investment and you can cancel any time it doesn’t live up to your expectations.

You see, it’s my responsibility to continually earn your interest, involvement and trust each and every day, with every program, product or service we offer.

Do you have questions? Email me directly at SandyM@TheMartiniWay.com

Rather than list a ton of long, glowing testimonials, here are a few snippets from current and former clients:

“I made 19 times my investment in just two days.” — Therese Skelly

“My profits are set to double this year simply by implementing 1 of Sandy’s suggestions…” — Nancy Marmolejo

“You helped me to shine a light on my actions so I can notice what I’m doing and how it affects my day.” — Barbara Hannelore

“Sandy doesn’t simply apply a “how to grow a business” formula to her clients, she hears what’s unique about you and your business and uses her considerable smarts to help you create a practical plan that fits.” — Melissa McCreery

“I was amazed at the level of detail she shared. Her knowledge in the area of client care and business structure is phenomenal.” — Michele Scism

“Even a quick 10 minute conversation can save hours of work and get you back to the things you love to be doing, saving your energy for the reasons you got into business in the first place! Sandy seamlessly helps this happen.” — Anese Cavanaugh

Our 100% Money Back GuaranteeMoney Back Guarantee
If for any reason you’re not happy with our 5 Steps to a Real Business Program, simply email us (ClientCare@TheMartiniWay.com) before our second class and we will promptly issue you a refund.  For the Fly on the Wall Program, simply email us before May 15th.

In full and unwavering support of you and your dreams,


Sandy Martini on deck
Sandra Martini
Business Growth & Marketing Expert
Founder, The Martini Way

PS – Remember, our goal is to help you take consistent action – the RIGHT actions at the RIGHT time to move your business forward as quickly as possible. After all, the scenic route is for driving, not growing your business.

As a long time admirer of Sandy, the only question I keep asking myself now is why I didn’t start working with her sooner!

Lisa Jordan“As a long time admirer of Sandy, the only question I keep asking myself now is why I didn’t start working with her sooner! In just a few short weeks, my list size is on the way to doubling! Using some of the templates Sandy provided, I now feel like I have a much better grasp on how some of the specific actions I take (or don’t take!) will directly influence my bottom line. Sandy listened to what our group needed, and adjusted what she provided us accordingly. Sandy was responsive, accessible, and offered strategies that could be implemented immediately.

Thank you, Sandy, for helping to make this our ‘Best Year Ever!'”

Lisa Jordan
Human Solutions, LLC

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