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Escalator Profits™ Path to Freedom Program


Before you get into the WHAT of all this, let me say that I intentionally didn’t write a long, standard information (sales) letter/page.

The reason is simple – after reading this through, you’ll know if it’s right for you or not.

As you know, the economy has shifted.

About 3 years ago I started calling it the “New Economy”, knowing that we weren’t going back. Since the New Economy arrived, several things have happened:

  • more small businesses are failing than ever before
  • several in the “guru market” have filed bankruptcy
  • my husband was downsized and my business became the sole source of revenue, and health insurance, for our family — it’s all well and good to talk about not having a “hobby” business, but until your business is the only income source, you don’t truly appreciate what has to consistently happen to sustainably grow and maintain a business

Happy news? No, of course not, but it is reality. And reality is that I know how to build and market small businesses and to do it from a place of being myself.  Introvert, recovering (and periodically relapsing) perfectionist and all.

My approach:

  • Start with a client focus and never lose it
  • Hold clients accountable to their goals — be the voice of your business, even when it means nudging you out of your comfort zone
  • Treat every prospect/website visitor as if they’re our best client
  • Incorporate the tenets of Extreme Client Care™ such that every client considers my business part of their business and becomes a raving fan
  • Give you the tools and means to succeed when you take consistent action: the future of my business depends on the future of your business
  • And, in those rare instances where I care more about your business than you do, keep you as a friend and let you go as a client as neither one of our businesses is being served.

People don’t want to be sold to. They want to be consulted with, educated and believe that, of all the things they’re spending their resources (time, energy, money) on, you’re offering the best investment for a particular need.

My question to you. . .are you?

You see, prospective clients are super busy — always “plugged in”, multitasking, overwhelmed and looking for things which are easy. Remember the Staples Office Supply Store commercial with that red “easy” button?

Your goal, as a business owner during times in which your customers and clients are:

  • more concerned about finances than ever and
  • looking for easy, easy-to-understand, time-and-energy-saving solutions to their problems

is to simplify their decision to invest with you and then deliver on the promise of your business. It really is that simple.

From the standpoint of your business, it’s like putting together a jigsaw puzzle:

  • start with the end pieces and build the frameworkSuccess word on puzzle piece
  • identify the key pieces and put them where they belong
  • fill in the rest

The challenge of course is that with typical jigsaw puzzles, there’s a picture, something to use as a reference. With your business, things are a little different.

The picture is whatever you’d like it to be. That’s both wonderful and not:

  • Wonderful as you can literally create whatever you can dream of
  • “Not” as you’re likely tweaking and adapting that picture and your business can’t keep up with the changes. You’ve got a bunch of mismatched pieces trying unsuccessfully to squeeze into some semblance of a complete picture.

When thinking of your marketing efforts, do they look a bit like this:content messor are you consistently educating and nurturing your clients and prospective clients such that, when they’re ready to invest you’re the only person they think of?

You see, there’s a new results-based formula in town: E=mc2

You may know it as Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. In the world of marketing, it’s known as:

Engagement = Metrics x Connection squared

Is your business converting like it could (or should)? If not, it’s likely because you don’t have right pieces of the equation. This is exactly what we’ll be focused on next month. More than just “focused”, it’s what you’ll be creating for your business. More like this, including content ideas and more:


The names and activities will change depending on your industry and personal strengths, but the concept is the same:

  • a planned path, some would call it a funnel, for your prospective clients to follow
  • different doors, different entry ways into your business, all leading towards investment in your programs, products and services
  • content which naturally flows — not the result of “what can I talk about today” and lends itself to repurposing in multiple media throughout the internet

If your marketing and sales processes are more a tangled mess than a coordinated effort with efficiencies realized throughout, it’s time to stop reacting, take control and create a Strategic Business & Marketing Plan.

Imagine a business where:

  • all your effort does double or triple the work it does today
  • you know what you’re doing today, tomorrow, next month and next quarter
  • you make an offer — not only do people sign up for it, they refer others
  • when an opportunity arises, you can jump on it knowing you have the material without having to drop everything and scramble

It could be yours.

Let’s see what that’ll look like. . .

First, we start with identifying your baseline. This happens with our proprietary Business Baseline Assessment.

Then, we identify the 5 Keys to YOUR Successful Business during our Escalate! Virtual Day using the following as a framework:

Step 1: Determine Your Lifestyle and Know Where You Are (your baseline)

Step 2: Create Your Community

Step 3: Help People (hint: your clients)

Step 4: Create Continuity

Step 5: Maximize Profits

This happens before and during our Virtual Day on Wednesday, October 16th from 11am – 4pm Eastern.

Let me explain how our Escalate! Virtual Day will work:

You’ll have some homework to complete before our day together. Then, at 11:00 am Eastern on October 16th, you’ll either dial in via phone or join a webcast from your computer.

I’ll present some content and ask you to do some work (yep, sorry…no magic pills here). Then you’ll hang up and dial back in/unmute the webcast at the designated time. I’ll present some more content and then more work.

I’ll be available for questions in between sessions (all content sessions will start at their designated times so if you don’t have questions, you’re not waiting) and we’ll wrap up the day around 4pm or 5pm Eastern (depending on questions at the end).

Once that’s done, you’ll have a little “homework” to do to prepare for our live workshop in Los Angeles, California on Friday, October 25, 2013 (hotel information to be shared upon registration).

By the end of our Workshop, you’ll have a detailed Strategic Business & Marketing Plan for the remainder of 2013 and, at a minimum, the first quarter of 2014 (or further into 2014 depending on how well you do our between session homework).


“Sandy’s commitment and focus on my needs as a client is exceptional. It doesn’t matter howlong you’ve been in GinaWellerbusiness; if you’re running one or trying to get one off the ground, Sandy can help you make it even more successful! Her dedicated partnership, brilliant collaboration, cherished friendship and ability to bring humor to any situation greatly enhance both my business and my life.”

Gina Weller, 
Alpharetta, Georgia


In Los Angeles, on October 25th, we’ll be focused on the Key Components of your Strategic Plan:

  1. Focus AreaBusiness Communication Duplicate model
  2. AAA (Authority, Audience & Authenticity) Communication Plan
  3. PPS Campaigns
  4. Blog/Social Media
  5. Booster

and building each of them out for your business for the remainder of 2013 and as far into 2014 as you’re comfortable (with a little nudge — can’t have you *too* comfortable). 🙂

No PowerPoints, No slide projectors, just us, sleeves rolled up working on your business. This isn’t “an event”. It’s “a workshop”.

Imagine. . .no more guessing what to focus on, what to offer, when to do it.

Imagine. . .knowing that your programs, products and services will sell when offered.

Imagine. . .waking up and discovering you’ve made money…again and again and again. 5, 10, 20, 25, 29, 30 days each month.

Are you ready to make it a reality?


I’ve created the Escalator Profits Path to Freedom Program to be:

  • affordable
  • hands-on
  • practical and NO fluff
  • and full of **me** and all of the nurturing and sassiness I’m known for


Karen Rouch Carter2“Sandy’s programs are always just the ticket to get ‘out of the fog’ and back on track when dealing with the ever-changing world of marketing…It’s like having a life-saver snugly wrapped around you when you dive (or in my case fall) in, and someone to wipe your hair out of your face and pull you back in the boat if you get dunked. ”

Karen Rauch Carter,
Tustin, California


So let’s take a look at everything that’s included:

Escalator Profits Path to Freedom Program

Two Options



Escalate! Virtual Day Only

Escalator Profits Path to Freedom Program

Business Baseline Assessment to determine your current overall marketing baseline and foundation ($67 value)



Escalate! Virtual Day Identifying and Optimizing the 5 Key Components your business. From programs/products/services to your nurturing and retention plans ($197 value)


Virtual Day held on Wed, Oct 16th 11 – 4pm Eastern


Marketing Execution Plans (the exact templates my team & I use) (Priceless)



Put it all together: Create Strategic Marketing Media & Promotional Calendar during live workshop on October 25th in Los Angeles, California ($497 value)


Included. Also includes all activities necessary for your campaigns & launches

Plug-n-Play PPS Launch Software ($397 value) — proprietary and updated



Email Follow-up: You’ll receive email reminders and tips for 60 days after creation workshop to follow-up and help ensure you stay on track ($100 value)



One 15-minute private check-in call anytime before December 31, 2013 ($87.50 value)



One Group 90-minute “Answers When You Want Them” Call on December 3, 2013 (Value = what you make of it)



Access to e-learning platform to templates, planning tools, spreadsheets, “how-to” videos and other resources through 12/31/13. “Doors” open Oct 1, 2013. ($231 value)



BONUS #1: Hardcopy Step-by-Step “Sales” Page Creator ($97 value)



BONUS #2: Sandy’s Forms Library & Resource Vault — hardcopy & digital for easy searching ($147 value)



BONUS #3: Product Creation Blueprint — digital ($199 value)



Retail Value



Single Investment



Installment Investment (available through Sept 20, 2013)


Two installments of $250 each

Note that there are two options: I know that not everyone will be able to join us in Los Angeles and so carved out part of the training to offer as a Virtual Day on October 16th.

Early Bird #1 for the first 5 3 registrations for the full Escalator Profits Path to Freedom Program:

Private 30-min call with Sandy to occur anytime before December 31, 2013. We can focus on the results of your Business Baseline Assessment, the results of our Escalate! Virtual Day, the nitty gritty of your next program, product or service, or anything that you’d like. This is our time to focus on what will serve you and your business best and I’m your thinking partner.

Early Bird #2 = Two-installment Plan of $250 each — expires Sept 20, 2013:

If you’d rather spread your investment out over two months, I completely understand and often take advantage of no-interest installment options as a way to manage cash flow. That’s why we’ve added a two-installment plan for you available through 11:59pm Eastern, September 20th, you’re welcome to spread your investment out over two months.

I could have inserted a testimonial every three paragraphs, but decided not to in order to save paper when you print this – you can see a testimonial on every page of my website at, just be sure click through the website pages several times as the testimonials continuously change.

guaranteeI’m not going to attempt to convince or sell you. You know if this program is what you, and your business want and need. If you choose to enroll, know that I’ll do everything within my abilities to ensure you the best experience and results possible and offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee through October 17, 2013 (after our Escalate! Virtual Day) if you’re not satisfied.

Are you ready?

Not sure if it’s right for you?  Let’s talk.  I’m happy to chat and see if this is a good fit for you at this time.


In full and unwavering support of you, and your business,


Sandra Martini

Small Business Strategist and Marketing Expert

PS: There are a million and one different things you’re working on. And a million and one things waiting on your list to be worked on. Isn’t it time you made things easier on yourself, your team and your business — all while getting better results? Let’s do it together.


NancyMarmolejo“…I’ve studied how Sandy helps clients stay visible with little effort and strongly suggest you check out her offer. With Sandy’s help, you can TRIPLE your exposure while greatly reducing the amount of time you spend online.”

Nancy Marmolejo,