Hire a Virtual Assistant

Are You Spending Too Much Time IN Your Business and No Time ON Your Business?

If you’re spending too much time working IN your business and not enough time working ON your business, it may be time to consider hiring a virtual assistant, or VA.

Created especially for coaches, consultants, other service professionals and VAs who want to convert prospects into clients, this beginner’s guide walks you through the steps to find, hire and maintain a virtual assistant (or team) in order to skyrocket your profits AND your free time.

Hiring a virtual assistant can be a scary proposition:

=> Are you looking to hire a virtual assistant, but don’t know what to do or where to go?

=> Are you concerned that “virtual assistance” is a scam or that you’ll get someone who has no clue what she’s doing?

=> Are you concerned that once you hire a VA, you won’t know how to give tasks or what to delegate?

=> How do VAs get paid? Are they expensive?

=> Do you need a contract to work with a VA?

Get the answers to the above questions and much more in “How to Find, Hire & Maintain a Successful Virtual Team”.

I want to offer this electronic version to those of you who are thinking about hiring a VA and not sure where to start or for VAs who want to help clients hire them (what a great marketing piece this is for your VA practice!) as I’m including free distribution rights with the purchase.

That’s right! Once you purchase the pdf version for $29.00, you have the ability to email it to clients, prospects, colleagues and friends; you may include it as a f.r.e.e. bonus with products you sell; you may print it and hand it out when giving presentations on working with virtual assistants; etc.

Essentially, you can distribute it in any way you wish EXCEPT that you may NOT charge for it.

Get your digital copy of “How to Find, Hire and Maintain a Successful Virtual Team: A Beginner’s Guide” for only $29.00 here. . .