Mini Teleseminar

You know all the reasons why you should host a teleseminar, but do you know HOW?

In this 60-minute teleseminar, I revealed insider secrets on How to Host Your Own Teleseminar.

Here are just a few of the topics covered:

  • What to do if no one shows up on your call?
  • Which bridge lines work best — even for international callers who have phone charges?
  • What order you should do things in? There IS an order for success.
  • How do you promote your teleseminars even if you don’t have an ezine or website?
  • 3 simple and easy ways to repurpose your teleseminars?
  • What do you do if someone asks a question you can’t answer?
  • Is there a best time to take questions on the calls?

You missed the live call, but can still get all the information:

  • Audio file of entire call
  • Word-for-Word transcript of call
  • Call handout designed to serve as a step-by-step guide on hosting your own teleseminars

Here’s what just one person had to say about the call:

Hi Sandy,

I just wanted to tell you what a fabulous call you had last night with “How to Host Your Own Teleseminar”! It really inspired me – and more importantly I now know EXACTLY what to do. You have such an amazing skill of boiling everything down to the nuts and bolts so I can understand the steps and what the procedure is. I have heard similar information from others, but frankly it left me scared and confused. Your information made me jump up and down and say, “I can do this!” After I got off the line I did exactly what you said. I got an account with Basement Ventures (which took about 1 minute); then looked at the calendar and set my date for 3 weeks; and then set up my topic. I have a great customer base with my Alaska business so I am going to do my first call on the topic “7 Simple Steps to Plan Your Alaska Shore Excursions for 2008” Bingo – I can’t wait.

Jane Button

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