Power and Soul

Attention: Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Anyone Looking to Fulfill Their Dream. . .

Sandra P. Martini, Business Growth & Marketing Expert to Solopreneurs Around the World

“Are YOU ready to
tap into your highest POWER and SOUL and discover and all they
can do for you?”

Get ready for an inspiring ride with 42 diverse entrepreneurs from around the world who share their personal, profound stories on what it took to rise to the top in this BRAND NEW paperback book.


Discover the secrets to unlocking practically ANY business or personal challenge you’re currently facing!

You’re about to learn:

~ How to use “soul power” to create a life of prosperity, passion and purpose and contribute the unique gifts that only YOU can give the world.

~ How to build a million-dollar business (YES SERIOUSLY!) from scratch and without having to slave, struggle or sell-out to get there.

~ Super marketing and sales secrets and truths that allow you to be yourself, live in truth and sell more than ever before (and OH what a relief it is!).

~ Simple ways to stop “surviving” as an entrepreneur and start THRIVING. . .with more health, wealth, love and happiness than you’ve ever imagined!

A quote from Kendra Todd (author of Risk and Grow Rich, and Season 3 winner of The Apprentice TV show with Donald Trump) on Power and Soul:

“Success requires having the courage to take risks, and that means tapping into your own personal power. The secrets and strategies revealed in Power and Soul will shorten your entrepreneurial learning curve and help you make more money!”

In addition to me, featured authors include:


Alexandria Brown Toni O’Bryan
Fabienne Fredrickson Kim Duke
Ari Galper Maria Gamb
Kathy Hagenbuch Christine Kloser
Frederic Patenaude P.K. Odle
Jeanna Pool Joy Schechter
Christine & Katherine Cibula Lisa Crisalle
Joan Clout-Kruse Sandy Forster
Bonnie Hutchinson Sandor Kovacs
Diana Long Liz Pabon
Arthur Rego Cookie Tuminello
Marian L. Bayham Dominique Bassavy
Natacha Cann Wendy I. Coad
Geoffrey H. Fullerton Kyle King
Tom McCauliffe Katrina Sawa
Frances Strassman Jay Westbrook
Joan Marie Whelan Winnie Anderson
Barbara Ann Blake Diane L. Broos
Dr. Cindy Brown Carolyn B. Ellis
Lisa Rickwood Sheri Rowland
Elizabeth Potts Weinstein Valerie Young

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