Social Networking — Done 4 You FAQ

Social Networking — Done 4 You FAQ

Here’s a list of the most frequently asked questions for the Social Networking: Done 4 You Program:

Q. There’s so many things included with the program, I’m confused about what your team does and what I do Can you please clarify?

A. Absolutely!

Here is a list of everything my team does for you:

  • Integrates all your social networking sites to ensure the highest impact with the least amount of effort on your part (this includes linking Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, linking Ezine Articles to Twitter, linking your blog to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn)
  • Posts something for you on Twitter each day of the month (weekends and holidays included) — my team can either choose a motivational/inspirational/strategic quote for you or you can provide your own content to them (such as via an ebook, list of favorite quotes or tips, etc)
  • Mail you a laminated schedule of when you should be doing what with regards to your social networking and marketing
  • Promotes up to one event (teleseminar, workshop, free report, etc) for you each month on Facebook and Twitter
  • Recommends you to my friends on Twitter and Facebook and suggests they become friends with you as well
  • I, Sandy, will promote the same event for you to my Twitter and Facebook friends
  • Accept your friend requests on Facebook
  • Post birthday wishes for all your friends on Facebook
  • Provides you with email trainings and how-to for social media
  • Download of Nancy Marmolejo’s “Quick and Easy Social Networking Tips for Entrepreneurs” ebook ($97 value)

And what YOU should be doing:

  • Participate in Twitter conversations 1-2 times a weekday for about 15 minutes each time — this means you want to ask questions, answer questions and generally comment on others’ posts. In order to have a good presence on Twitter, you must interact live
  • Go out to Facebook a few times each week and respond to any messages you have in your inbox
  • Visit LinkedIn and accept any connections you wish to associate with
  • Decide if you want to provide your own content for my team to post on your behalf or if you want them to identify quotes/tips appropriate for your industry (no two clients have the same info)
  • Decide which of your events you want my team to promote each month and email with the info (no more than 140 characters please or we’ll shorten for you)

Q. How do I submit my event to you to post each month?

A. We like to keep it simple. Just email your event posting (keep it to 125 characters so your friends can easily share it). 🙂

Q. I’m an affiliate of different people, will you post affiliate tweets for me?

A. Absolutely! These can be included in your 30/31 posts each month — just remember that you want to be posting other things in addition to affiliate links and promotions so people don’t unfollow you.

Q. What is “Follow Friday” on Twitter?

A. “FollowFriday” (note that I did not put a space between the words) is an event which happens every Friday and where you can “give back” to others by recommending people you think are good/great to follow on Twitter.

A recent example that I wrote was: “These ppl are on my ipod: @NancyMarmolejo @MelCoach @PaulLemberg @AdamUrbanski #FollowFriday”

Q. What happens if I want to log into Facebook or Twitter and you’re already logged in?

A. You can log into Facebook or Twitter regardless of whether or not the Team is logged in as long as you have your username and password. 🙂

Q. I know I get 30/31 posts each month and love quotes — do I need to give those to you or will you find and post them for me?

A. This is your choice. You can certainly send over any quotes you wish or provide a website where the Team can pull them from OR the Team can provide them for you — just let which you prefer.

Q. I’m never sure what to post. What do you recommend?

A. You want to post things which your ideal client would find interesting and mix it up with some personal tidbits.

For example, I recently posted: “Just finished writing my ezine article and now enjoying a smoothie w/ homegrown blueberries”

I also recently posted: “SO excited — I’m just about to host a private client virtual retreat w/ @BonnieSoulPower”

The above tweets do a few things:

  1. They tell you that I have an ezine without being salesy about it.
  2. They tell you that I host private client retreats, again without being salesy.
  3. They share something personal in that I love gardening without outright saying it by way of mentioning my “homegrown blueberries”

What can you post about your business and life?

Q. I am trying to build my Twitter followers to be a lot more than whom I’m following on purpose. How can I do this without spending a ton more time on social networking?

A. We can turn off the auto follow feature for you. This will keep your followers going up, but limit those you’re following only to those you choose to follow, so followers will grow much faster than those you’re following. Please let me know if you’d like us to do this.

Q. I don’t want the spammers, etc….following me. What do you recommend when people follow you that have like 20,000 followers?

A. There’s no harm in letting people follow you as you appear in their Twitter stream. You don’t want to follow them back to avoid seeing their “junk” (assuming their spammers) in your Twitter stream. Sandy has turned off her auto follower and spends about 15 minutes a week unfollowing people. Her *rule* on unfollowing is that if their first tweet to her was trying to sell something, they’re considered a spammer and she unfollows (or blocks depending on what they do). She does this by checking her “Direct Messages” and seeing their first tweet there.

Q.How far in advance should I tell you about something I want to promote in the future? Also, do you promote the launch of a new product, or only events?

A.Generally two weeks allows us enough time to put events on event promotion sites (events can be teleseminars or webinars or workshops, etc.) and set up tweets/posts/Facebook event invites for you.