Setting Yourself Up for Success:
Creating Routines Your Way

with Bonnie Hutchinson
and Sandra Martini

8 good reasons to create systems, routines and habits your way

Creating new habits, routines and systems does take effort.
Is it worth it? Only you can decide, but here are eight good reasons to take it on.

  1. Saves time. When something becomes so routine that you don’t have to think about it, it’s faster and more efficient.
  1. Makes sure important things get handled. Got a deadline? Need to make sure there’s always enough funds in your account? Need to remember an anniversary? Routines can make it so.
  1. Reduces possibility of errors and mistakes. Checklists, flow charts, automatic habits are all tools that reduce the risk of errors which could be costly in money, time or good will.
  1. Allows you to delegate. Once a routine is in place, you may be able to teach someone else to do it. (Favorite time management technique: don’t do it at all!)
  1. Makes your life simpler and easier. Systems and routines mean some parts of your life are working smoothly, even in turbulent times. That creates an island of stability, a place of strength from which to deal with more challenging aspects of your life.
  1. Allows you to maintain certain standards in your life. For example, when Sandy needed to be available for family member care-giving for several months, her systems ensured that her business continued to provide the extreme client care for which she is famous.
  1. Means you can use your creative brain for creative things. It’s been said that Einstein didn’t choose to remember his own phone number. He said you shouldn’t clutter up your brain with things you can look up; your brain should be free for communicating with the divine and discovering or creating new understandings of how the universe works.When your brain isn’t distracted with mundane details, it’s free to be creative for things that matter to you.
  1. Increases your happinessreally! Research shows that people with healthy systems and routines are more satisfied with their lives, have happier relationships and more job satisfaction.

What’s your wake-up call?

It may be that most of the time, most things in your life are working just fine. Your systems, routines and habits work for you. But sometimes you get a wake-up call.

In our experience, people usually decide to look at some part of their life – including their routines and habits – for one of four reasons:

  • Something makes you mad. You can’t find your keys – again. In the middle of printing something with a tight deadline, you discover you’re out of toner. One more time, you’re running late. You forget an important birthday. You’re spending time on crises or other people’s priorities and never have time for what really lights you up.
  • Something has changed. New system at work. Change in health or finances or relationships. New location. Routines that used to work don’t any more. Maybe they’re not even possible.
  • You’re bored. Everything seems flat. No major problems, just a vague low level discontent or maybe twinges of resentment or unsettledness.
  • You have a big dream or ambition. You know your current routines or habits aren’t enough to get you where you want to go.

Whatever is your wake-up call, it has you thinking, “Enough!”
You know something has to change. It. Is. Time.

That’s where we come in.

Why we created this program

Bonnie’s story

Bonnie HutchinsonOnce upon a time, I took time management courses. Many time management courses. I was brilliant at understanding the concepts. I could quote chapter and verse of Covey, Franklin, all those guys. I spent hundreds (actually, thousands) of dollars on materials to help me prioritize and organize. Result? I was still late for appointments, scrambling through last minute time crunches on things that were really important, and fiddling away entire days on activities that did nothing except distract me from what mattered.

Once upon a time I got a master’s degree in organizational system design. I was brilliant at conceptualizing and designing systems and processes that worked for other people and their organizations. My own business was disorganized.

I felt guilty and inadequate. I had no trouble grasping the concepts. How come I couldn’t apply them? How come I was so undisciplined, even with things I cared about enormously? Why couldn’t I manage to have the serene and organized life I dreamed of?

I would try to knuckle down, set up a new filing system, use will power to follow the obvious steps… The result? Yet another routine set up but not used. Yet another last minute time crunch. My life still felt disorganized. Even more damaging – I felt like a defective human being.

And then one day I ran across a book called Time Management for the Creative Person.[1] The key concept: Most time management and system design processes are created by left-brained people, and their processes work for left-brained people. Not everyone is left-brained!

That was the beginning of a new realization. In order to manage my time and my life, I need to have profound respect for me as I actually am, not me as I think I should be, or me as I wish I could be.

Since then I’ve also learned I have some other characteristics that make “Bonnie’s regular routines” practically an oxymoron. I have an attention-deficit all-over-the-map scattery brain; a tendency to adolescent “you can’t make me” rebellion, even when “you” is actually me trying to get my life to work. With the best of intentions, I’m so easily distracted that I interrupt myself even while… oh never mind.

Fast forward. And then one day I met Sandra Martini. Over time, we became one another’s clients and mentors. Among many gifts that Sandy brings is the ability to design systems, routines and processes that not only get you where you want to go, they work for your unique style. She’s a both-brained person who can adapt systems and processes to work for whatever are your quirky characteristics.

Between us (and all those individuals and organizations with whom we’ve worked), we’ve encountered most challenges related to systems, routines and habits – and we have the mindset, tools and strategies to help. We’ve also experienced the benefits and joys of systems, routines and habits that make space for what’s most important to us, that simplify and enrich our lives.

Why I’m passionate about systems, routines and habits

On a personal level, I’m running out of time. I’m almost certainly in the last third or quarter of my life. I will be really cranky if, on my deathbed, I regret what I could have contributed and did not because I was disorganized. To experience fully what’s in my mind, heart and spirit, I need more elegant routines and habits than I’ve had for much of my adult life.

On a global level, with all the challenges facing our human species, the world needs all of us at our best, to contribute all of our unique gifts and talents. Systems, routines and habits that work for us and our organizations can free up our time, energy and psychic space to discover, experience and express more of our unique gifts and have more rewarding and fulfilling lives. That lights me up!

Sandy’s story

Sandra MartiniSystems and routines were always a life-saver for me. Long before I knew exactly “what” they were or what I was creating, they were my savior.

I learned at a young age that when I did things a certain way, good things happened (my parents were happier, my grades were better, etc.) and when I didn’t, things didn’t work out as well.

Once I started working, it just made sense for me to look at what was expected and find the quickest, most effective route to that goal. And since most of the stuff was repetitive, systems and routines made everything easy, and predictable.

Like Bonnie, I invested thousands of dollars in various time management courses and systems, only to realize that none met all my needs and so created my own — finally, all my notebooks and planners condensed into one. Ahhhh…happy place reached.

When it comes to systems and routines, my philosophy is simple: Create the ones that work for you, with your personality and quirks, revamp or remove the ones that no longer serve you and watch your happiness, and effectiveness, soar.


Okay. Now you know why we’re passionate about Setting Yourself Up for Success: Creating Routines Your Way.

Since you’ve read this far, we’re guessing that something about “setting yourself up for success” and “creating routines your way” attracted your attention. Perhaps you’re mulling over whether your life is set up for your success – whatever “success” means for you.

It’s one thing to be mildly or even greatly interested.

But the idea of creating and maintaining systems, routines and habits might be daunting.

What would make you consider actually doing something to create or enhance your routines?




Setting Yourself Up for Success:
Creating Routines Your Way

helps you set yourself up for success in your work and
personal life as you create new systems and routines
that better support you exactly as you are.


Set yourself up for success: “Know thyself” to make your routines fit you

Routines, systems and habits can simplify your life and make it easier to do what you do best. But what if you have trouble creating them? Or sticking to them? It could be simply that you’re using processes that don’t work for your style and personality.

What if, instead, you use a process that supports your personality, your uniqueness?


Routines need to fit the kind of person you are, exactly as you are. You may not be in love with all your characteristics. You may even wish some of your characteristics were different. However, to create routines and habits that you’ll actually follow, that truly make your life easier and more enjoyable, you need to make your routines fit you exactly as you are right now. If you change, you can change your routines. Right now, play the cards you’ve been dealt – you as you are.

This program does more than show you steps to create and maintain routines. It helps you hone in on your tendencies, your motivators, your characteristics and your circumstances that routines must accommodate in order to work for you.

Then you can design and maintain systems, routines and habits that work for you.

What you will learn

Setting Yourself Up for Success: Creating Routines Your Way
makes it easy to create systems and routines that work for you.

You will learn…

  • 4 personal tendencies that require different approaches to routines and habits –
    which tendency is yours?
  • What characteristics, motivators and circumstances your routines need to accommodate
  • 7 steps to design systems and routines that work for your style and your life
  • How to tweak, refine or eliminate routines – and know when to change them
  • How to master common challenges (like making the transition from employee with routines built into your day, to self-employed or retired person with no external structures until you create them; how to accommodate personality quirks or unique life circumstances)
  • How to infuse your routines and habits with positive energy
  • Where to get help

An incredible value for just $47! 

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Here’s what you’ll receive

  1. “Set Yourself Up for Success: Creating Routines Your Way” webcast recording
  • Hear stories, explanations, step-by-step instructions, and answers to questions from webcast participants
  • Includes a guided visualization to support you energetically as you design success routines
  1. “Set Yourself Up for Success: Creating Routines Your Way” webcast transcript
  • No time to listen to a webcast? No problem – just read the transcript!
  • Quickly find information and inspiration that’s included in the webcast
  1. “Set Yourself Up for Success: Creating Routines Your Way” E-book
  • Chock full of more detailed information to help you understand your tendencies
  • Success exercises for each step of designing routines that fit you
  • Extra resources to help you set up for success

You’ll refer to this e-book again and again as you create and refine your success routines.

An incredible value for just $47! 

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Your guides to set yourself up for success –
Two master consultants in their areas of expertise

Sandra Martini

Sandra MartiniBy meeting you where you’re at, Sandy has an amazing ability to look at your business, see the quickest path to where you want to go, and then get you there through the strategies which make up Escalator Marketing™.

Her marketing and finance background with start-up organizations such as AmeriCorps and national satellite television combined with her years in Peace Corps, managing White House Presidential events and voracious appetite for learning have created a skill set unlike any other – the perfect balance of marketing savvy, intuition and results-driven systematic implementation.

Bonnie Hutchinson

Bonnie HutchinsonAfter careers as a graphic artist, teacher, community developer, executive director and government consultant, Bonnie launched a successful award-winning organizational consulting firm. As she began to weave spiritual practices into her consulting practice, amazing results happened for her clients. Long-standing barriers dissolved; resources arrived from unexpected sources; projects exceeded expectations.

The author of best-selling Transitions: Pathways to the Life and World Your Soul Desires, she helps you connect with your deepest wisdom and strengths, clear energy blocks, align with your soul-level intentions, and soar.

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Why are we offering this incredibly valuable resource
for just $47?

This is a new product. Within the next few months, we intend to charge twice that much for the digital product – and much more when it is accompanied with individual mentoring from one of us.

We know from those who participated in the webcast that the information and inspiration in this program can be life-changing. Because it’s still a new product, we don’t yet have testimonials. We’re offering the program at this ridiculously low price with the intention of following up with those who purchase it to ask for their comments.

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Our ultimate intention

Research and experience tell us that routines and habits can set you up for success. However, routines need to fit who you are – your personality and style, your challenges, your life, your dreams and priorities.

“Setting Yourself Up for Success: Creating Routines Your Way” provides tools to help you identify your own tendencies in regard to routines, and strategies to design unique systems and routines that support you exactly as you are.

Ultimately, the point of systems, routines and habits is to get you where you want to go. Our intention is that this program helps you to a life of even more joy and fulfillment, supported by routines and habits that work for you as a means to that end.

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To your abundance and highest intentions,


Bonnie Hutchinson                                                                                  Sandra Martini
Transitions Mentor, Consultant, Speaker and Author               Business Advisor and Consultant


[1] Lee Silbur (1998) Time Management for the Creative Person: Right-Brain Strategies for Stopping Procrastination, Getting Control of the Clock and Calendar, and Freeing Up Your Time and Your Life. Three Rivers Press, New York NY USA, a trademark of Random House.