How Extreme Client Care™ increases profits and sanity
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How Extreme Client Care Differs from Customer Service: A Case Study
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5 Ways to Increase Conversions with a Business Refresh
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3 Keys to a Solid Engagement Strategy
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USP – An Example without Competition
While walking through Provincetown (known as “P-Town”, it’s the very tip of Cape Cod) this weekend, DH and I entered “Whaler’s Wharf” – little shops on both sides of a... Read More
Time Chunking: Backed by Science
Imagine walking up to two side-by-side booths at a festival and there are lines at both. You’re trying to decide which one to go to. From outside appearances, everything looks... Read More
3 Questions to Determine Business Success Longevity
In the early days of “virtual”, many established companies thought “no worries”, this virtual/digital stuff will go away or remain so small as to be inconsequential. Others embraced it wholeheartedly.... Read More
[Infographic & PDF] 7 Steps to Product Creation
First, let me dispel the myth that "products" are only for service-based industries like coaching, information marketers and self-help gurus. That is SO not the case. Every business, in every... Read More
It’s true, he can be offensive
Dan Kennedy, often known as “The Professor of Harsh Reality” is one of the most famous/infamous direct response marketers of our time. This might seem a bit odd but I... Read More
5 Steps to a Successful Summer Business Retreat
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4 Decisions Holding Your Business Success Hostage
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McDonald’s gets it wrong while Market Basket gets it right
Same day, minutes apart, two completely different experiences at McDonald’s and Market Basket (a Northeastern United States grocery store chain) and the lessons we can learn as a result. First,... Read More
[Checklist] 5 Things to Consider Before Your Next Sale
Last issue, we discussed 2 ways your sales can go bad quick and started by sharing Jane’s experience of a 50% profit decrease with a 15% off discount (eek!). Today,... Read More
2 Ways Your Sales Can Go Bad Quick
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7 Step Process to Get & Keep Your Business On Track
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The impact conversation
So often we’re asked, particularly in the coaching and healing industries, how our businesses impact the world. About our movements. For years, I felt “less than” for not bringing about... Read More
The cure for entrepreneurial burnout
WOW! Last week’s article on burnout inspired more responses than I imagined. . .with most of them starting with “How did you know?” or “You just described me!” So it’s... Read More
Symptoms of Entrepreneurial Burnout
How do you know you’re burned out? Is it: • Avoiding something you know you need to do? • Cringing at the thought of answering one more phone call or... Read More