4 Growth Stages of a Successful Business

Getting Clients. The primary business focus is on increasing visibility and credibility in order to attract new clients. You may be questioning whether or not the business is feasible long term. Business is often generating less than $75,000/year in revenue.
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Adding Leverage. The business has taken on a life of its own, demanding more of your time and energy to keep everything “on track”. It’s time to incorporate leveraged activities and reclaim your life. Business revenue hovers around $200,000/year.
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Creating Raving Fans. It’s about keeping and serving existing clients more than getting new ones. The most profitable revenue comes from retention and providing Extreme Client Care™ as your clients turn into raving fans and your #1 marketing source becomes word of mouth referrals.
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Increasing Productivity & Profits. That place where everything comes together. Where your business literally hums and everything falls into place. It’s all about optimizing what’s working and tweaking/tossing what doesn’t.