Monthly Recurring Revenue
Retention of Best Clients
Optimized CRM
Streamlined Operations
Marrying profitable growth with monthly recurring revenue + increased retention for a business that funds your future without sacrificing your life today.

You started your business to improve your life, your lifestyle, to make an impact. But none of this happens if you’re not making a profit on a consistent day in/day out basis.

Do any of these problems sound familiar?

  • Business looks good on paper yet you wonder where the money is at the end of the month and year?
  • Wanting to add a membership or subscription program and not sure where to start?
  • Or are clients joining your membership/subscription programs, but not staying more than a few months?
  • Taking all the “right” actions and yet nothing’s working?
  • Business is a few bad months away from not paying the bills or, worse, you’re living in launch and promotion mode burning out your community as you pray they click “buy now”?

The days of too much month, too little money and chaotic growth end when your business is doing its job.

Increase your revenue, retention and profitability by optimizing your CRM so it becomes a valued team member deserving a seat at the management table rather than a draining expense. We partner with you to make this a reality. It’s all about retention through service, being relentlessly helpful and using your CRM to make it happen consistently.

Want to know where your business stands? Contact us.

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Consulting Min
Consulting/Advisory Partnering with you to design and implement the best customized plan for what your business needs now and in the future. Learn more.
Speaking Min
Speaking Timely action-oriented insights that you don’t get elsewhere, highlighting real-world best practices for managing growth and change while increasing profits and having a life. Learn more.
Workshops Min
Workshops No theory here. Engaging and interactive, full of actionable info, you walk away ready to move your business forward today. Learn more.

About Us

The Martini Way, a boutique firm, is focused on working with clients who make a difference in today’s world. We specialize in providing innovative, custom solutions with a focus on retention, Extreme Client CareTM and Leveraged Profit SolutionsTM designed with your values and goals front and center. Our Client Success Model™ below showcases our overall process.

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Insights From the Trenches

Innovative yet practical tools, tips and resources derived from a voracious love of learning and more than 18 years of working with clients around the world.

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