How to make the best decisions: A counterintuitive approach
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Goal Setting: An Alternative Concept
One of my annual rituals, like many people’s, is to spend the week between Christmas and New Year’s goal setting and planning for the upcoming year.  Except this year.  I’ve... Read More
Becoming a positive disruptor
The national satellite company I worked for was closing its Massachusetts’ office’s doors – as the last employee I locked the doors on my way out on New Year’s Eve... Read More
Moving backburner projects off the backburner
Every business tends to have a backburner – those projects that “you’ll get to” at some point.  And, for me, the more books I read/the more things I want to... Read More
How to future proof your business
Inflation is down a smidge, gas is the highest I’ve seen it ($4.19 here outside Myrtle Beach, SC), services keep increasing (while “good service” is harder to find) and finding... Read More
Increasing Revenue and Profitability: 4 Internal Steps
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Grow your business: 5 ways to start today
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3 Tips to Reaching Any Goal
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One situation, two approaches
"To achieve your goals, there are 37 primary action items. Here's what can get done over the next 90 days and our team is happy to take care of it..."... Read More
Intention Experiments — The Beginning
This morning while out on the Riverwalk, Buddy (my shit-zhu) and I came to a fork in the path -- we've walked this path together hundreds of times and always... Read More
Entrepreneurial Overwhelm, Part 2 of 3: 3 Growth Stages of Your Business
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2017 Goals: Week 4 of 52 Update
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2017 Goals: Week 3 of 52 Update
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2017 Goals: Week 2 of 52 Update
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2017 Goals: Week 1 of 52 Update
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My Goals for 2017
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3 Specific Questions to Increase Your Productivity
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Planning for Your Revenue and Growth
There's a problem with the way many business owners plan their revenue and sales goals. They say something to the effect of "I want to make more than last year"... Read More