Email Segmentation: Wins for Little Effort

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A client messaged me the other day and asked if I could join a meeting they were having with their marketing contractor — sales for their upcoming virtual event weren’t going well and they wanted my perspective. 

The marketing company ran through everything they’d done. As they were presenting, I went into my client’s CRM and looked at the detail behind what they were discussing. 

While the email promotions were good, they were also general. There was zero segmentation. I mentioned this on the call and the marketing company said it’d take “too much time” to break everything into segments given their budget for the project. 

I asked my client if they were okay with me tweaking the next promotional email (written by the marketing company). They were. 

In just over 24 hours, my tweaks have resulted in 22 registrations at $47/each. The previous three promotional emails resulted in one sale at $47.

Email tweaks I made to generate 22 registrations:

  • Looked at who had opened/clicked through the three previous event promotion emails, but not bought, and created a list of just those contacts. Tweaked the existing email copy specifically for this group and sent it to them.
  • Looked at those who had opened and not clicked on the link. Tweaked the existing email copy specifically for this group and sent it to them.
  • And then tweaked the email subject line and sent it to everyone else (those who had not opened any of the previous promo emails).

To be clear, I used the copy provided by the marketing company and tweaked it for three different segments/audiences of the same list. 

Total time to do this? 17 minutes. $1,034 and climbing for 17 minutes worth of effort. Email segmentation for the WIN!


On another note, I recently invested in a webinar for $200. The host has been sending daily “get a ticket to my webinar” promotional emails for about a week. The emails are 100% promotional, not an article or value-added piece with a note about the webinar (this info is important to note).

I sent him a note and asked why he doesn’t segment out the people who have already bought the webinar. 

His response: “My business is simple, I don’t need to segment.”

He completely missed the point — my question wasn’t about segmenting to increase his engagement/sales, it was to avoid annoying customers who already bought the thing he’s selling given that his emails aren’t value add in addition to promotional.

What about you? Do you segment your list? If not, why not? Let me know here.