Customer Retention 101: 4 Ways to Keep Clients Coming Back for More
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How to make the best decisions: A counterintuitive approach
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Google’s New Email Deliverability Rules Summarized
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FinCEN: Corporate Transparency Act
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Goal Setting: An Alternative Concept
One of my annual rituals, like many people’s, is to spend the week between Christmas and New Year’s goal setting and planning for the upcoming year.  Except this year.  I’ve... Read More
Business Time Defined
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Is your business scalable?
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Choosing a CRM? 12 things to know first
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My 2021 Reading List
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Breaking Down Your Revenue
In a recent client call, the subject of multiple streams of income and passive revenue came up.  My goal for every business owner is that you have both. After all,... Read More
Resources for Your Business
With year-end fast upon us, I wanted to share some resources that may assist in your year-end and New Year planning and goals: LeadPages is offering a complimentary 2021 content... Read More
Planning for 2021
At the end of each year, I plan for the next in 4 phases. Review the current yearPlan for the next yearMap out the planTake consistent action on the plan... Read More
The Impact of Different Types of Sales
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Thanks for Browsing, That’ll Be $2 Please!
There’s been an interesting conversation happening in one of my Linked In groups: A bookstore owner is testing charging people $2 for browsing (if you purchase something, you receive a 20% discount).  ... Read More
If Caterpillar Can Do It, You Can Too!
This morning I woke up with a quick flashback to my days with Peace Corps and AmeriCorps -- it's the last day of the fiscal year for the Federal Government... Read More
Subscriptions, Subscriptions Everywhere!
Everywhere I turn lately I'm running into subscriptions and membership programs:   Quicken now requires a subscription in order to pay bills through their platform. My vet offers an annual... Read More
It Comes Down to a Matter of Trust
As I write this post, I'm supposed to be on a call with a client.   She booked the call, cancelled last week, rebooked for today, didn't respond to a... Read More
August… An Interesting Month
I read something years ago about August and, as I was reviewing my August goals, it came to mind. To paraphrase...   August is a funny month. Many people enjoy... Read More