Goal Setting: An Alternative Concept

Ordinary Things Done Consistently
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One of my annual rituals, like many people’s, is to spend the week between Christmas and New Year’s goal setting and planning for the upcoming year. 

Except this year. 

I’ve been down with the flu and pretty much all my routines went out the window as I laid on the couch and binged BritBox detective shows in between naps. 

January 1st will mark our 20th year in business and all that couch time has had me reflecting:

  • Started with a list of 82 and broke $100K within our first six months (I was a single solopreneur with a mortgage and needed to prove the business was feasible so worked my butt off those first six months).
  • We’ve been profitable since Day 1.
  • This business has fully funded my life through multiple years of full-time caregiving, divorce, moving states and so much more.
  • We’ve steadily grown both revenue and profits year after year, doubling our revenue in 2022. 
  • 2023 is our first year with a decline in revenue — intentional as we released clients who no longer fit. And our profits increased, above goal.

For 2024 however, I’ve decided not to set goals. Blasphemy I know.

Instead I’m going to commit to habits, focusing on consistency rather than larger goals and see what happens.

For decades I’ve said that “Ordinary things, done consistently, create extraordinary and consistent results.”

It’s my plan to live that quote in 2024.

How about you? Are you setting goals? If so, are they stretch goals or ones that feel pretty easy?