7 questions for your next client audit
The overall single best thing we do for our business (and our clients) a couple times each year is a client audit. We're in the process of one now and... Read More
Customer Loyalty Month: 5 Ways to Show Your Clients the Same Loyalty They Show You
[caption id="attachment_9344" align="alignleft" width="150"] Extreme Client Care[/caption] We used to be Comcast/Infinity customers (note the “used to”). That all changed one day when we saw a commercial for a special... Read More
What your clients need most, and won't ask for
There are so many things we think our clients want: more time more revenue more energy all for less effort than they're currently putting in.  And many times we're correct.... Read More
Paid R&D + Leverage = Smart Business
Ever since announcing that the Get It Done Right Community investment was dropping to $27.00/month for everyone who joins before March 1, 2012, I've been getting comments from clients and... Read More
What your clients need — and won’t ask for
The "4 Hour Work Week" book which came out a few years ago and a rash of "online gurus" have sparked a trend: How can I make as much money... Read More
What your clients need — and won't ask for
The "4 Hour Work Week" book which came out a few years ago and a rash of "online gurus" have sparked a trend: How can I make as much money... Read More
Boundaries, Convenience and Perception in Your Business
So many coaches talk about "boundaries" and "holding your boundaries" with clients, team members, etc. in order to create the business/life of your dreams. In fact, I remember a former... Read More
A Plan to Cure Prospective Client Attention Deficit
Last week's Feature Article included the below: "I recently read a quote from Esther Dyson (a commentator on cyber businesses) who stated "I worry about something I call Mental Diabetes... Read More
“Kathryn Bechen Speaks Out”
"I hired Sandy to coach me during a transition time to propel my writing and PR consulting business to the next professional level. She is an astute listener and with... Read More
Thanks for making me see
I'm in Orlando having a wonderful time despite close to record-freezing temperatures this week -- no crowds at any of the parks, amazing shops (BCBG and Coldwater Creek are my... Read More
“Jennifer Haubein Speaks Out”
      "Sandy helped me accomplish several of my 3 month goals in just a few weeks, land joint ventures by following up, and come up with ideas for passive... Read More
“Bonnie Hutchinson Speaks Out”
“Sandra Martini's 90 Day Intensive Online Business Builder Mentoring Program is one of the best investments I have ever made to develop my new business. Thanks to what Sandy taught... Read More
Adam Urbanski and Teri Garr’s “Mr. Mom” Character Both Approve
In learning about my new Strategic Marketing -- Sandy Style "SMAC" program, Adam Urbanski, Marketing Mentor Extraordinnaire had this to say: "I love it! The whole thing is just SMAColicious!... Read More
Staying Focused, Getting Things Done and Balance
The survey has resulted in several questions around the idea of implementing, staying focused and doing it in a way that you're not working 60+ hour work weeks in your... Read More
Dear Sandy: How do I find what my target market wants most?
Dear Sandy, How do I find what my target market wants most? -- Wanting to please Hi "Wanting to please", The easiest way to find out what your target market... Read More
Dear Sandy: Not sure what I can offer
Dear Sandy, I've been told repeatedly that I need an email list. I don't feel that I have any special information to offer to a prospective client in the way... Read More
Dear Sandy — “How do I get out of the red?”
WOW!  I'm receiving a great response to my survey (http://snipurl.com/obbmp) and will be posting answers to many of the questions I'm receiving: I've received so many questions that I've decided... Read More
Your Questions Answered…Free Email Accounts
I received the following email question in response to the below post: "Hi Sandy, You noted that I shouldn't use free email accounts like "gmail" or "hotmail" for my business. ... Read More