FinCEN: Corporate Transparency Act
Have you heard of the Corporate Transparency Act, or CTA? Highlights… The regulation by the U.S. Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) requires entities created or registered by state... Read More
Choosing a CRM? 12 things to know first
Are you happy with your customer relationship management (CRM)  or email marketing system? One of the things we do is support clients with their CRMs and have become experts in... Read More
Adapting Your Membership Program Backend to Better Support Members
We started the Get It Done Right program in February 2010. It was a popular program and we managed it all on an e-learning platform called Ruzuku. We were paying... Read More
My 2021 Reading List
I like to send books to my clients -- books I've read and think they'll get something from. A client who recently received a book asked me how many books... Read More
Snippets inside…
Snippets are tidbits of info -- a buffet of content and you select what best serves you. None of the below are affiliate or referral links, just info I thought... Read More
Why I Don’t Use Zoom in my Membership Programs
In planning out a new subscription program during a Q2 planning session (Happy April!) with a long-time client yesterday, she asked me, "Why don't you use Zoom for Escalate and... Read More
Why I’m Loving Clubhouse
Happy March! We just enjoyed an amazing weekend in the 70s and 80s and I spent much of it walking with Buddy, my shit-zhu, and hosting rooms/speaking/listening to Clubhouse.  As the... Read More
Harvey, Roofs + Tolerations
Have you read any of Harvey Mackay's books? I've read them all except his newest which came out this month.  While Harvey owns several large businesses, I've taken much of what... Read More
Paying Yourself as a Biz Owner
As a business owner, there are two primary ways you can pay yourself from your business: Take a salary and your business gives you a W-2 at the end of... Read More
Resources for Your Business
With year-end fast upon us, I wanted to share some resources that may assist in your year-end and New Year planning and goals: LeadPages is offering a complimentary 2021 content... Read More
Three Things You Can Do Now to Support Your Business
I've been partnering with clients and watching businesses over the past couple of months, here's what I'm seeing:   Biz owners who have stayed focused and implemented are doing well... Read More
Business Resources During COVID-19
There are SO many resources right now for small-to-mid-sized businesses. Whether you regularly work from home or are new to remote working.  In addition to serving clients, we're using this... Read More
Tracking & Key Metrics for Every Business Owner
The one question which stops most people in their tracks:  "What are you tracking?" It usually ends with "hmm, revenue" or "revenue and expenses". While revenue and expenses are key... Read More
Webcasts: Adding Clickable Slides and YouTube Videos
Have you ever hosted a webcast and wished your viewers could simply click over to your sales/information page without having to type in the URL? Without you having to repeat... Read More
PayPal Pricing Change Effective October 1, 2015
Using PayPal?  Here's an email I received yesterday indicating a price increase effective October 1, 2015. . .details below. "Hello Sandy Martini, At PayPal, we work hard to ensure your... Read More
Facebook Dimensions Guide for Page and Feed Images
Confused about what size images/graphics work with Facebook?  Below is a great infographic from Techwyse, but for those who prefer straight text, here's a summary of the same info on... Read More
Aweber and Others are Moving Against Some Email Addresses — Is Yours Included?
One of my Team Members spoke with Aweber this morning on behalf of a client. The client had signed up for a program using her "info@" email address and wasn't... Read More
5 Steps to a Successful Summer Business Retreat
Do you spend so much time working in your business that you never work on your business and, as a result, ride the revenue roller coaster month in and month... Read More