Strategy, Tactics and Why I’m not a Coach
Last Sunday I logged into my Gmail account to see they’d changed the inbox.  Shortly after, I posted a note on my blog about the change and how it affects entrepreneurs who... Read More
It Comes Down to a Matter of Trust
As I write this post, I'm supposed to be on a call with a client.   She booked the call, cancelled last week, rebooked for today, didn't respond to a... Read More
August… An Interesting Month
I read something years ago about August and, as I was reviewing my August goals, it came to mind. To paraphrase...   August is a funny month. Many people enjoy... Read More
Tips to Increase Revenue and Client Retention Regardless of the Economy
In seeing businesses starting to re-open, I'm also seeing many of them lose the customer focus so prevalent in the early days of the pandemic.   From Covid-19 surcharges on... Read More
Summer is a time for growing
Summer. BBQs, swimming pools, vacations, heat, hammocks. . .a general slow down of life overall. What if we were to heed the words of the great Jim Rohn instead: “Summer... Read More
Biggest Mistake in Using Virtual Assistants
Everywhere you turn, online-based business owners are told to “get help”, “delegate” or “hire a VA (virtual assistant)”. First, I wholeheartedly agree. I love virtual assistants and part of my... Read More
6 Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment
You do all the work to build a community, not only on social media, but also: A database people have opted into Sharing regular communications Figuring out what your community... Read More
“The” Word and The #365 Project: Making 2015 Your Best Yet
Each year, for years, I've picked one word to focus the upcoming year around.  The hub around which all else rotates. For 2015, that word is "health": [caption id="attachment_8873" align="alignright"... Read More
5 Steps to a Successful Summer Business Retreat
Do you spend so much time working in your business that you never work on your business and, as a result, ride the revenue roller coaster month in and month... Read More
It just takes a little initiative
It’s Independence Day here in the US, it always amazes me how much a community can do, and how quickly it can be done. On Wednesday I spent, with 4... Read More
#1 Reason You May Be Struggling with Certain Things in Your Business
If you follow me on social media, you know that DH (Darling Hubby) and I adopted two 7-month-old shepherd puppies just before Christmas. They turned a year-old yesterday. They’re “little... Read More
Why so many businesses fail
A colleague and I recently got into the discussion of why so many businesses fail. There are several reasons of course, ranging from: expecting full-time+ results while truly working less... Read More
Please support Breast Cancer Awareness simply by voting
If you've been in my Community for a few months or more, you're likely aware that my youngest sister has breast cancer.  2013-to-date has been one full of challenges and... Read More
Smartphone + Magisto + You = Video Must-See Magic
Magisto is a new smartphone app that automatically edits iPhone or Android footage (video and photographic) into a finished video. You simply download the app "Magisto", create an account (free... Read More
Federal Government Shutdown — Learning to Survive Then Thrive
As you likely know, the US Government has partially shutdown.  The last time this happened, 17 years ago, I was a Federal employee and handled the Agency's allocation of funds... Read More
Strategy, Tactics and Why I’m not a Coach
Last Sunday I logged into my Gmail account to see they’d changed the inbox.  Shortly after, I posted a note on my blog about the change and how it affects... Read More
The $308 business retreat which created revenue of $4,991 in one week
  Ever feel swamped -- even the "good" swamped where you have several opportunities yet feel there's no time to take advantage of them all? That was me last month. ... Read More
Where’s “the line”?
When you have a business that's based, in large part, around you, it's important to share things with your community, to build relationships and to relate as people. The question... Read More