The #1 reason optimization fails

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Everywhere we turn these days, we hear more and more about optimizing — our business, our health, our relationships, our tech, etc.

I’m a huge fan of optimization and would argue that all client- and profit-focused businesses are the same.

And yet, there’s something before you can truly optimize. 

Creating and adhering to foundational habits.

Without a stable foundation, as soon as a crisis or overwhelm rears its head, the “optimization” falls apart. 

I recently heard someone say that trying to optimize before your routines are set is like buying premium gas when your car doesn’t have an engine.

If we’re talking business, foundational habits include:
  • Managing your money — we use Profit First 
  • Taking care of your team
  • Ensuring high retention by doing what you say, practicing Extreme Client Care™
  • Continuing lead generation activities, even when your business is “full”, sold out of your widgets or you have a waiting list
  • Investing (time and/or money) in systems that will save you time and money
If we’re talking health, foundational habits include:
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Moving your body regularly
  • Eating well 80+% of the time (the rest is where optimizing comes in)
  • Having a spiritual/meditative/gratitude practice 
  • Having fulfilling relationships/a supportive community

You get the idea.

A quote I’ve preached for decades and holds just as true today is 

“Doing ordinary things consistently creates extraordinary and consistent results.”

Consistently taking action on your foundational habits will do wonders for your results. Once they become a habit, pick one to tweak and optimize.

Then another…

And watch your results skyrocket.