One Strategy for Creating a Winning Proposal

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Imagine… you’ve been promoting a live event for months, it’s easily got the potential to be a 7-figure few days and on the first morning people show up that you had no idea about. 

No name tags
No workbooks
No seats

All your extra “just in case it’s needed” gone and then some.

This happened to one of our clients in Q1.

They called and asked “How do we avoid this in the future?”

We put together a presentation with slides. Bullet after bullet of what can be done better (one slide example below).

Eyes glazed. After all, we’ve all seen way too many PowerPoint slides full of bullets.

Screenshot 2023 05 30 At 12.06.30 Pm

As soon as I saw their reaction I changed tactics and jumped to another slide. Graphics.

Screenshot 2023 05 30 At 12.06.12 Pm

Graphics showing what went wrong with the last event and graphics showing how to avoid it happening in the future with the latter depicted above.

Heads started nodding. This was the exact same info as in the bulleted slides only now it was presented in a way that got their attention and kept them engaged. 

Where can you improve how you communicate with your clients and prospective clients so you’re “speaking” in the language and format that they prefer?

Another example… One of our clients shuts down when getting into the nitty gritty, especially with tech and numbers. As a result, we stay “forest” in discussions and emails and have the “trees” ready if she wants to drill down.

This is also critical for update reports, grant proposals and even family members. 🙂