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Clients today expect personalized experiences from start to finish. Connect sales, service and marketing to engage with your ideal clients and discover new ways to serve them.

“A 5% Increase in Retention Means a 25 – 95% Increase in Profits

— Harvard Business Review

Many business owners spend the bulk of their time focused on attracting new clients, offering new programs, products and services.

And once that new program or product is over, working on the next one or re-promoting to attract yet more new clients, customers and patients.

On the surface, it makes sense. After all, we need revenue and revenue comes from new clients.

hampsterwheelUnfortunately it also means that you’re constantly racing to get new clients.  Always wondering where the next one will come from as your marketing and sales emails and materials start to take on a slightly desperate air.

Especially if you’re forced to offer program after program after product praying that someone signs up.

While it’s true that we need revenue, reality is that we need profits more. Profits are the life blood of our businesses.

We spend 7 times more money, time and effort to attract a new client, customer or patient than to keep an existing one.

Read that above line again.


When it costs 7x more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one, customer retention is key. With the right mix of communication channels and individualized content, you can reduce customer attrition and stay top of mind when your clients and customers are ready to purchase again.

From hours on social media to creating and distributing content to hours and months building trust before someone hopefully invests with you and your business.

Harvard Business Review Studies show that a 5% increase in client retention can translate to a 25 – 95% increase in bottom line PROFITS.

Given the above, it’s an obvious no brainer that you want to keep more of your ideal clients longer.

The question is “How?”

The answer’s as simple as it is complex.

You consistently implement a Client Retention & Monetization Plan.

In fact, you build your entire business around Client Retention. Not salesy, not hypey, from a place of service.

Doing this makes your life easier and your business much more profitable.  For us, this has resulted in a 93% client retention rate of at least 4 years.

You’ll hear others saying that the average retention rate on a membership or continuity program is 90 days.  For our Get It Done Right Community, the average retention rate is 5.2 years.

But it’s not just about keeping your clients and customers. It’s also about creating win-wins for them and your business by serving them consistently.

And while providing great service and sending birthday cards is part of it, it’s only part.

 Ready to Create and Implement Your Very Own Client Retention Plan?


Client Retention Plan: For You*

Client Retention Plan: With You

Client Retention Plan: With You — Virtual

Group call (Held on Dec. 6th, get recording) on Creating a Client Retention Plan from the Ground Up: Good Enough Isn’t.




Group Call (Held on Dec 13th, get recording) on Creating Win-Wins: Increased Client Monetization Through Service




Private 45-minute call with Sandy to review/create your Client Retention Plan




Sandy drafts a 12-month Client Retention & Monetization Plan for your business




Two 45-minute private calls with Sandy to review/tweak Client Retention Plan




12-month Client Retention & Monetization Plan Calendar supplied based on final plan




Private Client Tracking Template and other Checklists provided on thumb drive




6-month Membership in Escalate! Community




Investment (please click on appropriate investment to join) **




Installment Options: Charged every 30 days (please click on appropriate investment to join)**

4 installments of $995

4 installments of $99.25

2 installments of $50

* Because of the intensive work involved, we can only accept 5 4 2 1 “For You” Clients.

Now you may be thinking, “I need to focus on getting new clients, not on retaining ones I don’t yet have.”

Reality is that it’s easier and faster to create and systemize your Client Retention and Monetization Plan now so your new clients are immediately and happily surprised: creating raving fans who not only pay and stay, but refer.

Assuming they make it past the first 72 hours, the average new client stays with a business an average of 125 days. That’s just over 4 months.  Imagine if your average was 1,460 days? What difference would that make to your customers and business?

The best customer experience starts with the best lead and sales experience.  Period.

Customers, clients and patients today expect personalized experiences from start to finish. Connect sales, service and marketing to engage with your customers and discover new selling opportunities.

There are things you can do, in an automated fashion, which make it much more likely your client stay with you past those first 72 hours and then even more things to keep them with you.  Creating a win/win again and again and again.  This isn’t persuasion.

It must be about the win/win!

Is this Program right for you?

  • Are you willing to work in, and on, your business to create a Client Retention and Monetization Plan which will serve you for years to come?
  • Do you agree that it makes sense to invest in your clients’ staying with you?
  • Are you ready and willing to take a fresh look at your business and ask “Where can it be better”?

If so, GREAT!  If not, then this Program isn’t a good match for you at this time.

Sound too good to be true?

Here are some comments from other members of this Program after our first session:

  • “Just what I’ve needed, both concepts and practical information to take action.”
  • “WOW! Within the first 30 minutes, I discovered how much I’m underserving my clients AND leaving money on the table!”
  • “First call ended less than 48 hours ago and the program has already paid for itself twice over by helping me save a new client who was going to cancel. THANK YOU!”

It’s not when you have the right systems in place. And systems combined with Extreme Client Care™ are what I do best.

A personal note — This year has been the worst of my life personally:

  • Recovering from unplanned spinal surgery, learned my sister’s cancer returned and metabolized in her spine.
  • Spent March with her in Virginia, away from our home and families the entire month, getting proton radiation treatments.
  • Discovered my Mum was ill in March and spent weekends with her in South Carolina.
  • Spent April through June care-giving for my Mum at her home in South Carolina until she passed.
  • Spent July through today at her home fulfilling her last request of me.
  • Have spent less than 2 weeks with my husband since February.

During all of this, my business revenue and profits have increased.

I credit my Client Retention and Monetization Plan and want to help you create your own version.

Life happens, be prepared and your business can be one less thing you stress over.

Let me help you.

Join today and if you’re not happy after our two group calls, shoot me an email ( and I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

Have questions?  As always, please ask. I’m happy to answer them.

With love and abundance,

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