Partnering With Us: The Martini Way

When you’re ready for a partner who has your best interests at heart, whether in person or through self-study products, we’re here. Accessible. Together. Focused.

Trusted Advisor: Looking for an advisor who understands growing small businesses and marketing? Who stays on the cutting edge and walks her talk? From single strategy sessions to longer term partnerships, our Founder Sandy Martini can get you unstuck and in action with a solid plan.

Topic Focused: Ready for a jumpstart on creating Client Engagement, putting together an Extreme Client Care™ plan, learning how to craft a “Sales” page which gets results or understanding what numbers you need to care about? We have a product to move you forward quickly.

Team Solution: Business ownership requires you to wear a lot of hats. Some are your gift and you’re brilliant. Others, quite frankly, are not the best use of your time and should be delegated. From newsletter formatting to shopping cart management and well beyond, Team Martini can meet your business needs.

Every small business goes through primary growth, or focus, stages. When thinking about your business, what’s your primary focus:
1. Getting Clients
2. Adding Leverage
3. Creating Raving Fans
4. Increasing Profits

It’s important to note that these business growth stages have absolutely nothing to do with how long you’ve been in business: whether a month, a year or 3 years.

Getting Clients.

The primary business focus is on increasing visibility and credibility in order to attract new clients. You may be questioning whether or not the business is feasible long term. Business is often generating less than $75,000/year in revenue.

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Adding Leverage.

The business has taken on a life of its own, demanding more of your time and energy to keep everything “on track”. It’s time to incorporate leveraged activities and reclaim your life. Business revenue hovers around $200,000/year.

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Creating Raving Fans.

It’s about keeping and serving existing clients more than getting new ones. The most profitable revenue comes from retention and providing Extreme Client Care™ as your clients turn into raving fans and your #1 marketing source becomes word of mouth referrals.

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Productivity & Profits.

That place where everything comes together. Where your business literally hums and everything falls into place. It’s all about optimizing what’s working and tweaking/tossing what doesn’t.

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You’ll also want to check out our topic-specific products and resources on the Resources page.

It’s true that every business owner focuses on all of the above at any given time. That said, one of them is more of a priority than the others for you right now – which one is it and are you ready to take action?

Discover Your Next Steps & Let’s Make It Happen.