Escalator Marketing Transcript

You’re working too much for the results your business currently creates.

You’re smart, you see others achieving the success you desire and wonder what you’re missing.

Finally, Tap into the 5 Keys to Unlocking the Treasure in Your Business

Dear Fellow Business Owner,

It’s a well-known-fact, small business owners wear too many hats.  You know this, you live this each and every day.

Depending where you are in your business, you’re focused on either:

  • attracting new clients
  • figuring out how to create leverage without sacrificing service or
  • working to increase profits, again without sacrificing service or revenue.

And the word “focused” is used lightly.  After all, it’s often about the “fire of the day”.

Imagine focusing on what’s most important (not just urgent) while SIMULTANEOUSLY working on the other areas of your business.  So attracting new clients in a way which grows profits through a leveraged model.

Sound good to be true?

It’s not.

You see, long-term successful businesses have 5 things in common:

  1. Steady stream of potential clients
  2. Database of people who have raised their hands
  3. Clients and customers
  4. Upserve – the ability to maximize lifetime client value in such a way that it’s a win/win
  5. Systems

My name is Sandy Martini.

On my own with a dream, a mortgage and a spare bedroom, I started my business over 10 years ago.  In those early days, I literally worked night and day, trying to figure out the “recipe” for success.

While there was no magic pill, I proved it was doable.  Doable, but not sustainable and certainly not scalable.

Then clients started telling me how my business was different.  Writing down everything they said, I put together a system which honored all the “good things” they said and improved upon everything else.

These “tweaks” made all the difference.

And from that point on it became my mission to figure out how to be successful in a way which enhanced life.

The answer is the 5 Key Factors:

  1. Steady stream of potential clients
  2. Database of people who have raised their hands
  3. Clients and customers
  4. Upserve – the ability to maximize lifetime client value in such a way that it’s a win/win
  5. Systems

The business model doesn’t matter: Whether Walmart, Target, Boutique, Custom or Information Marketing — every business, from mom & pop brick and mortar stores to Amazon, needs all 5 Key Factors.

Just imagine:

  • Profits, not pressure
  • Weekends and Vacations where money comes in regardless of whether you work or not
  • Knowing your business is successful — by YOUR definition of that word!

Miss ANY one of the above 5 Factors and your business won’t work.

Not for the long term and not in a way that best serves you.

“If you want to achieve success, all you need to do is find a way to model those who have succeeded.” — Tony Robbins

You don’t need more information.  In fact, you already have too much information.

It’s time to create your System:

  • A steady stream of interested people who opt-in to learn more from you
  • How to Upserve by creating an environment where clients and customers pay, stay and refer
  • and the Systems — from segmentation and follow-up to nurturing through Extreme Client Care™ — necessary to keep it all together and running smoothly.

I’d like to show you how to maximize these 5 Key Factors in your business. In a way which supports you and your desired lifestyle and with focused implementation, not a binder or more videos of information.

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Join Us for Your 2015 Escalator Marketing Program:

  • Pre-work so we hit the ground running
  • Two 60-minute Group Webinars (April 2 and 23, from 2-3pm Eastern) and a 3-hour Group Virtual Implementation Half-Day (April 8, from 11am – 2pm Eastern) containing everything you need to turn your existing programs, products and services into your own Escalator (or Funnel) quickly – including lead offers, upserves, continuity and more. ($1297 value)
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    • Promotional Lead Generation and Marketing Calendar
    • Quarterly Plan Sheets
    • 4 Step-by-Step Marketing Plans
    • Escalator (Funnel) Fill-in-the-blank Map ready for personalization
    • Step-by-Step “Sales” Page Creator ($47 value)
  • Month-by-month walkthrough of our Extreme Client Care™ Plan so you know exactly how to get set up, or enhance, what you’re already doing) and get it going quickly. (Priceless)
  • 30 Days access to our Get It Done Right Community and private access to the Get It Done Right Members-Only Facebook group where you can network with other Members and get your most pressing questions answered quickly. ($37 value)
  • End result: A duplicable, scalable system which meets your target audience where they’re at so they’re pre-determined to do business with you when the time is right.

Early Bird Bonuses

First 3 1 Members will receive exact marketing plan used for this program. Including email copy, segmentation notes, Facebook ads, direct mail samples, everything used to fill this program and the exact resources used.  This bonus has been scooped up.

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The Investment is $297 or 3 installments of $99

Why so affordable?

I wanted to price this so that pretty much anyone, regardless of where you are in business today can afford this training.

It’s time to put all the information you have, and have created, to work in a way that creates leveraged revenue for you.  In other words, it’s time to create a system that works for you on your terms.

Without a system working for you, day in and day out, there’s no way to have a successful business AND life.

Without a system working for you, your business will stay stuck

Without a system working for you, you’ll continue to be overwhelmed.

And that’s not why you created a business.

So here’s what you need to do next:

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. . .and, if you follow the steps outlined, your system will be set up within 30 days.

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Click here if you’d prefer to split your investment over 3 installments of $99 each (30 days apart)

Not sure if this is the right implementation program for you?  Give me a call at 888.436.5364, ext 701 or an email to — I’ll be happy to chat with you about it.  No pressure! After all, my business is largely supported through testimonials and referrals, neither of which an unhappy client will share. 🙂

Looking forward to partnering with you,

With abundance,



“Adding Sandy Martini as a trusted Business Consultant has been one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. I have been a private client of Sandy’s for the past year and have discovered that her expertise runs much deeper than I had anticipated.In addition to all of the superlatives one can read about her by her other clients, I wanted to direct my comments to those of you who wonder how in the world she could possibly be effective in so many different situations. I’m not a coach, mentor or on-line marketer. I’m a manufacturer. The reason that is important to know is that I hesitated for far too long, thinking that my business might not be a good fit.Sandy’s business acumen becomes more apparent the longer you are involved with her. Her own interests are wide and varied and contribute to the total package she brings to the table. She’s intelligent, articulate, organized and resourceful and manages to be warm and kind at the same time. A woman of substance. She has an incredible ability to actually “become” a part of your business to the degree you allow. She makes it far too easy to forget that you are not her only client! Trust me…”

Sandra McPherson

“I’ve been a member of Get It Done Right since Sandy first launched the group in 2010. It’s an absolute “must-have” for my business! Why? Each month, Sandy shares straight-up strategies, practical advice and tactical tips. Quarterly one-on-one calls included in the program are priceless! The support provided by fellow members and friendships fostered have been phenomenal perks as well.Through this program and with Sandy’s help, I’ve accomplished so much more than space here allows. Some of the highlights? Becoming a Kindle publisher of over 100 titles, hosting a giveaway event resulting in nearly 7,000 book downloads and multiple Kindle best-sellers, and launching our “Get Your Shift Together” online, on-demand 7-week course.If you want to create real systems for business success, immediately improve your results plus avoid costly mistakes, get the help and guidance you need from Sandy!”

Kelly Galea, Editor & Host

“Sandra Martini is simply brilliant. She sees business dynamics and pitfalls with an eagle eye, and crafts that understanding into consistently practical, actionable, and manageable teachings that anyone can implement, no matter what the size of their business or what stage it’s in.”

Lisa Elin

“GIDR hits the spot! I look forward to the informative monthly calls where Sandy offers so many examples, supporting slides and recordings, and then follow-up calls to fill in anything we missed. Always, Sandy generously shares practical, in-depth information. The monthly print newsletter reinforces the current topic and is chock full of additional, interesting facts and tips. I also appreciate the way Sandy weaves the topics together. GIDR is a very supportive, active community, is an excellent value, and an experience that I highly recommend.”

Paula Eder