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I like to send books to my clients — books I’ve read and think they’ll get something from. For the past few years I’ve been adding a post here of what I’ve been reading.

Last year I read/re-read 14 business books and 17 non-biz books. Not included here are all the magazines, journals and digests.

At the bottom of this post is some of the things I do to help retain/use the knowledge.

If you’re looking to up your business, marketing, finance, productivity knowledge, here’s a peek at 2022’s reading list by category (note that many of these could fall into more than one category):

Finance, Business & Money-Related Books

Marketing and Sales-Related Books

Productivity and Business Culture-Related Books

Personal Development-Related Books

Craft & Hobbies, Home Improvement, Gardening & Landscaping-Related books

Other non-biz books (some can be considered personal development while others are just for fun):

How I get the most out of what I read

It’s easy to read and forget when dealing with everything in life and business so I’ve developed a few strategies to support me in retaining and implementing the info I read:

1. Business on Kindle, Non-Biz on Paper

While I prefer to hold a book in my hands (there’s nothing like that!), when it comes to learning I’ve discovered that using my Kindle works much better. Highlighting passages I’m interested in allows me to come back and zip through much faster than a paper copy. I can also export things to my Evernote Notebooks and sort by topic.

I save the non-business books for paper copies, most of which I get from the library to ease my mind over the “dead tree books.” 🙂

2. Read with a Notepad Nearby

I typically have my Whitelines notebook nearby (Whitelines lets you digitize handwritten notes so I can upload them when done and store with highlighted notes from book.) and jot any special notes and/or action steps that aren’t covered simply by highlighting.

When done reading and before uploading, I go through my notes and take any item marked with an asterisk and either add it to my action list or delegate it to a team member. This is something to be implemented.

Each week I review my overall action list and move items to that week’s “Make It Happen” list and schedule it on a certain day. This saves me from always staring at a multi-page list which feels overwhelming.

That’s it… doing these two things have helped me make leaps in my business and share knowledge/support clients in doing the same in theirs.