Dear Friend and Colleague,

We’ll get to the turtles in a few seconds…promise!  🙂

Would you agree that just reading the headline above is exhausting?  We’re faced with hundreds, thousands of distractions each day, just think of everything that you see, hear and read daily.  Now imagine that you’re your own client.

Would your message get through?

Your clients and prospects are faced with just as many distractions and messages as you are, if not more.

Knowing this, how do you ensure that your message, your ability to help not only cuts through the clutter, but also keeps you top of mind?

You help them today, tomorrow and the next day by sharing information that’s relevant to your industry and your community’s wants and needs.  Provide them with information they can use and do it regularly.

I know, you get it. You’ve heard it before and now wonder “How do I get all this done while wearing all the other hats of my business and life?” 

Like a turtle on his back, you know where you want to go, you’re just stuck and can’t get there without a little help.  And while your colleagues and friends are well-meaning and try, they’re often missing one critical component of how to set you back on track.

It’s doable.  I promise.  I won’t promise that it’s easy peasy out of the gate, but it’s absolutely doable and once you put a system in place to do it consistently, it becomes second nature.  It’s all about understanding how to nurture and engage your community.

And the best part?

You’ll likely be producing less content than you do today!  Of course, this assumes that you’re keeping in touch with your community.  😉

How is it possible?  Your prospective clients, and clients, want to know they’re understood and that you respect them and their time.  I’m going to show you how to do that through a combination of

  1. nurturing engagement and Great-Customer-Service-and-Extreme-Client-Care
  2. systematic, often automated, repurposing.

Let me take a moment to explain “Nurturing Engagement”.  Nurturing Engagement is about sharing information with your audience in such a way that they take the next step, and the next, and the next with you.  Becoming paying clients and, ultimately, raving fans.  It’s part of a process which leads to you making more revenue (and profits) with less effort.

It’s not just putting info “out there”, sitting back and seeing what happens, or praying that people find it, go to your site and hire you.  That’s the approach that, sadly, too many business owners and entrepreneurs take.

This is about your community — remember, the goal is to get, and stay, top of mind with your prospects, readers and community overall.

Remember the “New Economy”?  This is the “New Marketing” for the New Economy — it’s marketing’s job to educate potential customers, partners, supports and sponsors about your business.  The key word is educateGood marketing can attract a large audience of eager followers. Great marketing turns a percentage into leads. But the best marketing creates clients and keeps everyone coming back for more.

This has been the key to my business success over the past 8+ years.  It’s how my business generated revenue in excess of $100,000 with a list of only 82 people (including my Mum!).

So. . .How did I/do I do it and What Does It Mean for You?

Join me for our Create Engagement, and Paying Clients, through Nurturing Intensive where you’ll learn:

  • how to maximize your current readers (a.k.a. “list”)
  • how to set up your communications back end to ensure your engagement becomes easier, faster and more effective (meaning more visitors to opt-ins, opt-ins to readers and readers to paying clients)
  • content marketing strategies designed to reduce work while increasing your exposure and credibility
  • what to keep and what to delegate to ensure maximum productivity with minimal expense — and how to do it

What you’ll receive:

  • 3+ hour group virtual training session with me personally
  • access to our online e-learning platform which has templates, how-to videos for you and your team, tools and resources
  • the ability to bring one member of your team (partner or virtual assistant) to our virtual training to ensure you’re both on the same page
  • Get It Done Right Webcast and Action Guide on “Strategy Behind, and Creation Of, Nurturing Sequences”

 Sexy Systems Logo“But That’s Not All” Bonuses:

  • A copy of my newest hard copy Sexy Systems Content Marketing Guide (value = ($37)
  • Access to a monthly group Open Q&A call to answer any questions after you’ve been implementing — you can submit questions in advance if you can’t make it live.  Calls will, of course, be recorded.

Your Investment:  $67.00

Yep, that’s it.  My goal is that this is one of the most productive (short AND long term) 3 hours you spend in your business outside of scheduling a private half-day.  You’ll walk away with a plan of how to create and use information, build engagement and convert strangers into readers and readers into paying clients.


           Single Investment of $67.00


Not included picWhat we won’t be covering:

  • Facebook, PPC, Adwords advertising
  • How to avoid doing any of the work yourself — while there are many things you can delegate, you’ll still need to do some of it.  I believe in delegation, not abdication.
  • Why it’s important to connect with your audience — if you don’t know this, this Intensive will be a waste of your time

Questions?  Just let me know and I’ll be happy to answer them for you.

In full and unwavering support of you,


Sandra Martini

Business Growth & Marketing Expert

What people are saying about working with Sandy…

I was a bit apprehensive to hire Sandy because I considered myself pretty savvy in knowing a lot of marketing strategies. However, the kicker was I was not implementing any of them. I knew I was stuck so I decided to take the leap of faith and schedule a Shot of Sandy and I am glad I did. Sandy was able to zero in on my business and see my blind spots. She didn’t sugar coat anything and told me to be honest with myself. She gave me quick and effective marketing strategies to use to reach my income goals.

Just one marketing strategy alone resulted into a $1,000 payday less than 3 days after our session! But, most of all Sandy was brutally honest with me and I was able to realize I was making excuses instead of getting things done. From speaking with Sandy I have a plethora of ideas and strategies to implement that will help me build a profitable and sustainable business for years to come. I would say investing in the Shot of Sandy was well worth the investment, especially when I received an ROI of 337% in only 3 days!!

Nina Lewis



Hey, Sandy!

I just wanted to thank you so much for today’s coaching call!

I really enjoyed it, and I loved your many inspiring ideas that you came up with. I was also very impressed with the research you did on me and that you listened to so many of my songs! I really appreciate that… and it makes me feel special! :-)

You certainly do deliver exceptional client care!

Thanks, again, Sandy!


Aurelio Sablone



Therese Skelly

“Wow.  Talk about a great ROI!  Since I’m doing some major repositioning, I decided to invest in “A Shot of Sandy” session to help with the strategy and planning for 2011.  I have lots of great ideas, but as most coaches know…it’s sometimes a challenge to coach yourself.

So I turned to one of the coaches I trust most in the world – Sandy Martini.  I’ve been following Sandy for some time now and love the commitment she brings to excellent client care and rock solid strategies.  We very often share some of the same clients, so I have seen the great results she’s helped others achieve.

But little did I imagine that after my session I’d sign up a client for a $5700 program.  The thing was that I had some great ideas, but with Sandy’s help put together a program that I LOVE so could easily offer it to the right client.

Needless to say, I’m thrilled, the client can’t wait to get started, and Sandy is my new hero because of the profound work she did with me in just 55 minutes.  I went from having a popcorn-style idea machine, to a well grounded plan for 2011 that works with my new positioning, my strengths, and my revenue goals.

Sandy…thanks so much!  “

Therese Skelly

Business Growth Coach,


“Working with Sandy Martini is like finding freedom you never knew you could have.

Sandy outlined a plan for me to reach my income goals in a very doable, realistic way. She took into account what freedom meant for me: financially, personally, and creatively. The result was a map of what to do, when to do it, how much to do it, who to have help me, and ( !!! ) what to say no to.

The outcome has been astounding. My profits are set to double this year simply by implementing 1 of Sandy’s suggestions and I’ve saved hours of time off my schedule each week.

Sandy is a master of getting things done right the FIRST time. She’s able to foresee potential pitfalls and obstacles as well as sense opportunities.

I encourage others to work with Sandy and experience her brilliance first hand.”

Nancy Marmolejo

CEO of Sizzibility™


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