Strategy Session

A "Shot of Sandy" Strategy Session


Schedule a “Shot of Sandy” Session with Sandy Martini to get your questions answered, action steps defined, and the information you need to move your business forward — today!

Each session is designed to get you moving forward quickly. Here’s a sampling of how others have used their Strategy Sessions:

  • outline your lead generation marketing or relationship marketing plan (they are different!) or both so you know “what” you’re going to do and “when” you should be doing it in order to achieve your goals
  • devise a monthly, trackable, plan to meet your revenue and profit goals
  • outline and create a flow chart of your ideal marketing funnel — from A to Z, including segmentation and Extreme Client Care™
  • walk through exactly what needs to be done to set up your next webinar/zoom/teleseminar — everything from topic creation to how to promote, to how to sign people up…and more
  • determine your next, or first, info product, the steps to get it done, and how to get it *out there* as quickly and sanely as possible
  • outlining how you can best leverage your business and existing content for higher revenues and profits
  • reviewing your business and outlining the necessary systems and practices needed to generate income through a life or family crisis
  • get personalized, one-on-one consulting with Sandy, on developing nurturing systems specifically designed for YOU and YOUR business and how to keep you motivated to get things done

Essentially, you have 50 minutes of Sandy focused on exactly what you want and need most.

What will you do with your Strategy Session?

Here are some ideas — Will you:

  • design your lead generation or relationship marketing plan to reach your revenue and profit goals?
  • create a marketing funnel (aka: “escalator”) based on your current business assets?
  • craft an Extreme Client Care™ plan for client retention and ascension?
  • create and implement nurturing sequences for simple, automated client follow-up and welcomed up-serves (aka: up-sells)?
  • plan your days and weeks for optimal efficiency and effectiveness by identifying what to work on when?

Ready? Here’s your next step. . .

  1. Click the link below to officially reserve your spot.
  2. You’ll be contacted by my team within 1 business day to schedule your “Shot of Sandy” Session. Spots are open on a first come, first served basis and there’s often a waiting list so I recommend you reserve your spot today.
  3. You’ll receive pre-work so that I can become more familiar with your business and to let me know what you want to work on and we can jump right in.
  4. We meet for approximately 50 minutes by telephone or webinar (if you want a hands-on demonstration of anything). I record the conversation, as requested, (audio or video depending on how we “chat”) so you can go back and listen/watch as many times as you want.
  5. By the end of our session, you will have the actual action steps and “how-tos” you can put into place immediately. We may even have already started implementing together 🙂

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“Sandy is extraordinary at what she does. She has an innate ability to go from “big picture” ideas to the action steps needed to get results.

Whether you want to develop a plan to grow your business, create a marketing strategy for a new product or service, or explore how you can refine your business practices, Sandy does not disappoint. She is well-versed in the best business practices to bring your business to the next level. Since we started working with Sandy, we have quadrupled our revenue.

Even with the current economic and COVID situation, with Sandy’s guidance, we have prepared for it and are not just surviving, but thriving. Sandy and her expertise have become an integral part of our business. I cannot imagine my business without Sandy in it.”

Lisa Brown Jordan
Human Solutions LLC

What people are saying about working with Sandy…

Therese Skelly

“Wow.  Talk about a great ROI!  Since I’m doing some major repositioning, I decided to invest in “A Shot of Sandy” session to help with strategy and planning.  I have lots of great ideas, but as most coaches know… it’s sometimes a challenge to coach yourself.

So I turned to one of the coaches I trust most in the world – Sandy Martini.  I’ve been following Sandy for some time now and love the commitment she brings to excellent client care and rock solid strategies.  We very often share some of the same clients, so I have seen the great results she’s helped others achieve.

But little did I imagine that after my session I’d sign up a client for a $5700 program.  The thing was that I had some great ideas, but with Sandy’s help put together a program that I LOVE so could easily offer it to the right client.Needless to say, I’m thrilled, the client can’t wait to get started, and Sandy is my new hero because of the profound work she did with me in just 55 minutes.  I went from having a popcorn-style idea machine, to a well grounded plan that works with my new positioning, my strengths, and my revenue goals.

Sandy… thanks so much!”

Therese Skelly
Business Growth Coach,

Sandra McPherson Old World Artistans Intl

“Adding Sandy Martini as a trusted Business Consultant has been one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. I have been a private client of Sandy’s for the past year and have discovered that her expertise runs much deeper than I had anticipated. In addition to all of the superlatives one can read about her by her other clients, I wanted to direct my comments to those of you who wonder how in the world she could possibly be effective in so many different situations. I’m not a coach, mentor or on-line marketer. I’m a manufacturer. The reason that is important to know is that I hesitated for far too long, thinking that my business might not be a good fit.

Sandy’s business acumen becomes more apparent the longer you are involved with her. Her own interests are wide and varied and contribute to the total package she brings to the table. She’s intelligent, articulate, organized and resourceful and manages to be warm and kind at the same time. A woman of substance. She has an incredible ability to actually “become” a part of your business to the degree you allow. She makes it far too easy to forget that you are not her only client! Trust me…

As I head into a critical timeline for my business, I breathe a sigh of relief knowing that I will be a private client for yet another year. Go ahead. Do it. Set up a complimentary call and see for yourself. The Martini Way works. Regardless of your type of business, I am so certain that you will not be disappointed that you are welcome to contact me directly to say Thank You!

Sandra McPherson


“Do you remember on our strategy session how I was talking about putting my new program together and you helped me finalize the name – Your Systems For Success? And then you helped me with the strategy for creating a charter membership?

Well, I launched it via a free webcast. And already [in under a week] I’ve sold 21 memberships! The first 10 bonuses of a free binder have SOLD OUT. In all the years I’ve been in business I’ve never put a sold out on anything before! Here’s the website:

Just wanted to share this with you as you helped me pull it together. Thank you so much!

Tracey Lawton


I was a bit apprehensive to hire Sandy because I considered myself pretty savvy in knowing a lot of marketing strategies. However, the kicker was I was not implementing any of them. I knew I was stuck so I decided to take the leap of faith and schedule a Shot of Sandy and I am glad I did. Sandy was able to zero in on my business and see my blind spots. She didn’t sugar coat anything and told me to be honest with myself. She gave me quick and effective marketing strategies to use to reach my income goals.

Just one marketing strategy alone resulted into a $1,000 payday less than 3 days after our session! But, most of all Sandy was brutally honest with me and I was able to realize I was making excuses instead of getting things done. From speaking with Sandy I have a plethora of ideas and strategies to implement that will help me build a profitable and sustainable business for years to come. I would say investing in the Shot of Sandy was well worth the investment, especially when I received an ROI of 337% in only 3 days!!

Nina Lewis


Hey, Sandy!

I just wanted to thank you so much for today’s coaching call! I really enjoyed it, and I loved your many inspiring ideas that you came up with. I was also very impressed with the research you did on me and that you listened to so many of my songs! I really appreciate that… and it makes me feel special! 🙂

You certainly do deliver exceptional client care! Thanks, again, Sandy!

Aurelio Sablone


“Working with Sandy Martini is like finding freedom you never knew you could have.

Sandy outlined a plan for me to reach my income goals in a very doable, realistic way. She took into account what freedom meant for me: financially, personally, and creatively. The result was a map of what to do, when to do it, how much to do it, who to have help me, and ( !!! ) what to say no to.

The outcome has been astounding. My profits are set to double this year simply by implementing 1 of Sandy’s suggestions and I’ve saved hours of time off my schedule each week. Sandy is a master of getting things done right the FIRST time. She’s able to foresee potential pitfalls and obstacles as well as sense opportunities.

I encourage others to work with Sandy and experience her brilliance first hand.”

Nancy Marmolejo
CEO of Sizzibility™


“Sandra is a wealth of information and unlike many coaches; she actually guides you in the steps you need to take to get things done, in a no-nonsense way.

She helped me to identify a clear first product with the positioning to match along with practical steps to take in my everyday business to make building my ‘tribe’ (loyal clients and followers) that much easier.

I came away from the virtual retreat with more ‘concrete’ ideas and concepts to launch than ever before. What’s more is that the ideas were all tailored to me, my market and the model I’m attempting to build versus some cookie-cutter model. To get Sandy’s information is to get real, no-fluff, practical stuff to do and get real results from.”

Desiree H. Young
VentureWalk Business Partners


“Sandy has been such a great resource and supporter to me and my business. Things that I’d pegged as confusing to deal with have become much easier to address as I’ve watched her facilitate through them, teach me tricks to deal with them more effectively and basically feel more in control of the logistics of my business.

Even a quick 10 minute conversation can save hours of work and get you back to the things you love to be doing, saving your energy for the reasons you got into business in the first place! Sandy seamlessly helps this happen. I highly recommend her as a part of any team!”

Anese Cavanaugh
Leadership & Cultural Advisor


“Sandy helped me accomplish several of my 3 month goals in just a few weeks, land joint ventures by following up, and come up with ideas for passive income.

She helped me take one hour of my time and turn it into 6 times my normal billing rate. With her one suggestion of how to apply my knowledge and turn it into a product, I have turned my business around. Not only did she come up with the idea, but she also thought of some easy ways to market it. I’m a Mom and Entreprenuer and wanted to find more time to take care of my son, but still grow my business. Sandy’s solutions did just that! I love the fact the Sandy immediately understood my business and didn’t try to push ideas that weren’t right for my line of work.

She takes the time to get to know you and your business. To be honest at first I wasn’t sure if I really needed a business coach, but just after one session with Sandy I don’t ever want to be without her!”

Jennifer Haubein


“Sandy is an expert at helping business owners like us work once then reuse what we do to get paid, get paid, get paid. Her ideas are simple, brilliant and very do-able!”

Kendall SummerHawk


“Sandra Martini has coached me through all the stages of a business start-up. And then — through her Team Sandy service — her team actually provided the services that made everything possible. Thanks to Sandy’s coaching and her team’s stellar help, I was able to create, launch and make money from a new product within 36 hours!

I could not have launched my business without this help. Sandy helped me clarify my vision, map out each step, and understand what tasks needed to happen. I do the parts that are easy for me or that only I can do. Sandra’s team looks after all the implementation.”

Bonnie Hutchinson


“Sandy is a joy to work with and she’s a master at getting down to business and delivering what she promises. I’ve been involved in several of her programs and she always impresses. Today I walked away from a strategy session with Sandy with a plan for a completely new stream of both income and marketing. I was blown away. In that short time, Sandy brought forward, not only a big innovative idea, but a systematic plan for realizing it. Sandy doesn’t simply apply a “how to grow a business” formula to her clients, she hears what’s unique about you and your business and uses her considerable smarts to help you create a practical plan that fits.

I have a lot of respect for Sandy. She’s straightforward, savvy, and she knows what it takes to nurture and sustain a business. Most of all, she gives 110% to her clients 100% of the time.”

Melissa McCreery, PhD, ACC
The Smart Woman’s Overwhelm and Overeating Expert