5 Ways to Maximize Amazon – with or without a book

Amazon logoAmazon. . .known as the “search engine for buyers”.

Are you maximizing it for your business?

I know, I know. . .you don’t have a book and you’re not a wholesaler selling products. Or you do have a book, it’s up on Amazon, now what?!?!?

5 Simple Ways to have the Power of Amazon Working for You

  • No book? Put your website giveaway up on Amazon. It costs nothing to add it to Kindle, just remember to keep the formatting simple to avoid it looking funky.

    Make It Easy:
    Let’s discuss what you have and whether our Team would be a good fit to get this done for you.
  • Have a book or publish your giveaway to Amazon? Be sure to create an Amazon Author Page and keep it updated. I reviewed a book earlier this year and the author had it on Amazon, but no Author Page. That page is where you showcase your other books/reports, your bio, your blog, your latest Twitter posts and even promote your upcoming events/webinars and have discussions with customers. Visitors can opt to “follow” you on Amazon and stay up-to-date with what you publish.

    Make It Easy:
    Our Team is happy to create your Amazon Author Page for a one-time investment of $97.
  • Add your blog to Amazon. Amazon will assign a price to your blog (typically $0.99/mo) and automatically download new articles to purchasers’ Kindles. Wondering why people would pay $0.99/mo for something that’s free? Convenience. Amazon does all the work and the posts are ready in their Kindle when they are. I receive regular royalty checks for my blog.
    Marketing and Client RetentionNote that you only receive 30% of the monthly subscription price so you’re not going to retire on this. However, it’s a good way to link your site to Amazon and get added exposure and credibility.

    Make It Easy:
    Our Team is happy to publish your blog on Amazon for a one-time investment of $97.
  • Join the Amazon Associates Program. Amazon Associates is Amazon’s version of an affiliate program. Then share specific book/product lists with your readers (“My Top 10 Favorite Books” for example) or add a book/product review section to your site/blog and link to the books using your Amazon Associates link or create Periscopes (or Blabs) to review your favorite books.
  • Join Amazon Prime. You’ll save many times the annual $99 investment in shipping costs alone, let alone movies and TV shows and the Kindle lending library. It’s a great way to send client gifts and so much more. Learn more about Amazon Prime here.

There are several other ways to make Amazon work for your business – these 5 will get you going regardless of whether you’re just starting out or have been in business a while.

How else do you maximize Amazon for your business? Please share in the comments below.