3 ways my blog generates revenue

amazon-logoYou know blogging is good for business:

  • provides valuable content to your ideal clients,
  • improves your search engine rankings when done consistently and
  • generates revenue.

Most business owners get the first two, it’s the last one that many struggle with and what we’re discussing today.

Here are 3 ways my blog generates revenue:

  1. Logging into my business checking account this morning, I saw another deposit from Amazon.  This one was for royalties from my blog.  My blog is on Amazon and when people sign up for it, I get paid.
  2. While sharing information on a specific topic, if I have a program or product related to that topic, I include an “ad” for the product.  Passive revenue at its best.
  3. And, of course, the credibility my blog creates through both consistency and content leads to more consults and more paying clients.

My recommendations:

  1. Add your blog to Amazon (see link in #1 above);
  2. take 30 – 60 minutes a week to go through your blog (better yet, ask  your team to do it) and, where it makes sense, link to programs, products or other blog posts; and
  3. create a blog posting schedule to keep you on track – and always repurpose your content.

As always, if you have any questions, please comment below.