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Guest post by Bonnie Hutchinson

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“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ~ Maya Angelou


You know that when you read, watch, listen or experience any form of communication, at the front of your mind is, “WIIFM – What’s in it for me?” You may be interested in someone else’s experience but your real focus is how it relates to you: how you can apply it, what you can learn from it, whether it will be entertaining or uplifting, how it will benefit you.

When we’re creating products or services, or writing info letters or other marketing material, “What’s in it for me?” is what your readers or listeners or potential clients will be wondering.

So – what’s in it for you to read this article?

I’m about to describe a four-step process of infusing all of your products, services and marketing and visibility materials with positive energy.

Why is that important?
Well, no matter how valuable your material, people will remember how it makes them feel.

By the end of this article, you’ll be able to add positive impact to your products, services and marketing materials through…
• A four-step process you can weave into what you already do; it won’t take more time – just add another dimension
• Four quick antidotes to shift your energy when you aren’t feeling positive
• A shining example that demonstrates the key point
• A complimentary way to get more information

How I know about this

Maybe you already know that “positive energy” is not just an amorphous idea. I didn’t start out knowing that. If you’d told me thirty years ago that I’d be talking about “positive energy” as something concrete, I would have laughed.

For more than 25 years I ran a successful award-winning organizational consulting firm. It provided value to my clients and a profitable and comfortable living for me. During that time, I was on a spiritual journey, having experiences and learning things that were far beyond anything I’d been exposed to before.

As I began to experience transformations in my personal life, it occurred to me that I could apply spiritual techniques to some of my consulting projects.

I stood back in awe at the results for my clients. Long-standing blocks and obstacles dissolved. Conflicts were resolved. Surprising resources arrived from unexpected sources. Results exceeded expectations. Our firm won some prestigious awards and that was fun. The real reward was seeing the benefits for my clients.

I didn’t tell my clients about the “invisible” techniques. But I could tell the difference between the times I used the techniques I’m about to describe, and the times I forgot. I came to believe that – however brilliant our firm’s technical expertise – our most powerful contribution was the behind-the-scenes energy work we did.

Now I’m sharing some of it with you.

Four steps to infuse your products, services and marketing with positive energy

1. Set the intent

You probably have intentions or goals for how whatever you are working on will benefit your business and you. If you don’t already, add two other components to your intention-setting:
• That whatever you produce will contribute to the highest good for all those who are in contact with it (readers, listeners, watchers, purchasers…)
• That while you are working on this, your thoughts, emotions, words and actions are at a high vibration – high integrity, high intention

As you’re beginning to work on a product or marketing materials, or preparing to work directly with a client, STOP. Take just a few seconds to state silently, or out loud if you’re in a place you can do that, and even write down your positive two-part intention:

“My intention as I work on this is to contribute to the highest good of all those in contact with it; and to operate from high vibration thoughts, emotions, words and actions.”

If you have a meditative practice, you might move into a meditative state while you focus on these two intentions. Whatever is your style, focus on those two intentions until they feel “real” or you can feel them resonate.

2. Create (design, write, record…)

You already have processes to create whatever you create. No need to change that EXCEPT…

Every once in a while, whenever it pops into your mind, think of a person you care about who may read or watch or listen to what you’re creating. Think of how you want that person to feel.

That simple thought process will reinforce your positive intention, and will subtly be projected into whatever you are creating. You will feel different and that will be conveyed. High-intention energy will permeate the words, the sounds, the physical products.

3. Infuse

Once your products, services or marketing materials are ready, do another “energy infusing” before you send them into the world. Go back to your “highest good of all who are in contact with this” intention. Imagine sparkles of high-intention energy infusing every word, every image, every square inch. Imagine the positive high-intention energy expanding, reaching out and uplifting all those it touches.

4. Send it with “highest good” energy. Say good-bye and let it go, knowing that wherever it touches, something good will happen.

Will others be able to feel this? Maybe, maybe not.

What’s more important is that you will feel different. Whatever else may be happening, you will have a deepened and strengthened commitment to the highest good of those you intend to serve. As that energy and intention permeates your thoughts and emotions, it’s also projected outward through your words and actions and all that you create – digital or print, sound or sight, live or virtual.

Not feeling high vibration energy? A few antidotes

Okay, none of us feels positive all the time. Deadlines are deadlines and sometimes we just have to crank stuff out whether or not we’re in a high vibration state.

Here are some things you can do if that’s your reality:

Remember your intention, some version of, “to contribute to highest good.” The power of your intention will help to compensate for however you might feel in a particular moment.

Remember something you are genuinely grateful for, no matter what might be going on in your circumstances, your emotions or your thoughts. Gratitude helps to dissolve unhappy energy.

Take a short break to do something fun or, at a minimum, do something physical. Go for a quick walk, preferably outside. Turn on loud music and jump around. That can break a “negativity trance.”

Remember something happy. Doesn’t have to be related to anything you’re doing right now. Just remembering something happy taps into a different part of your brain, and that can uplift your mood and therefore your words and actions.

A shining example

One of the people who radiates this concept is Sandy Martini. (No, Sandy didn’t know I was going to say this.) Since you’re reading this article, you probably know that her services and products are of impeccable quality. She provides excellent information and support based on solid research and experience, delivered with absolute clarity and professionalism. All that is true.

Those of us who follow her and work with her and use her materials experience another dimension of what she provides. Over and above the practical value of her services and products, we know she genuinely wants the best for us. She cares about us, not just in a general way but very specifically and personally. As a client, I believe her unwavering care and support amplifies the benefit of all that she provides.

I don’t know if Sandy uses these specific techniques. What I do know is that – even at times of turmoil in her personal life – her positive intention for her clients infuses everything she does. I can feel it in her emails, her one-on-one times, her GIDR webinars and her materials. I bet you can feel it too.

In summary

When you have the intention that all your products, services and marketing materials are infused with positive energy, whatever you send out to the world may not look or sound different on the outside. But it will feel different. Your genuine positive intent will communicate.

People can feel that.

And, as Maya Angelou said, “…people will never forget how you made them feel.”

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