What a Burger Joint Can Teach You About Business

Some weeks are just full of learning opportunities and this is one of them!

For me personally, while stuck on Martha’s Vineyard during this week’s blizzard, I learned how to switch a home heating system from geothermal to propane.  There were tools involved and everything and, after a very chilly night, we had heat again!  😉

While at the Vineyard, I spent the latter part of the week on a planning and writing retreat and wanted to share some great resources with you:

    1. If you’re looking to increase website traffic and attending Ryan Deiss’ Traffic & Conversion Summit wasn’t in your plans, you can invest in the official notes for only $17 (early bird pricing).  I’ve gotten these the past two years (and ordered for this year) and they’re a treasure trove of practical and how-to info.
    2. Margie Beiswanger of Transform Your Brilliance is offering a complimentary 3 Keys to a Profitable Business Training next week.
    3. The e-learning platform I use, and love, for all my online programs is offering a complimentary Super Course for the next week – I contributed a new resource as part of it.
    4. Armand Morin is offering a complimentary 3-day live training (via webcast) on “Everything You Want to Know About WordPress”.
    5. And I like how Marlon Sanders wrote his 43-pg Profit Planning pdf info page (notice his way of avoiding “tire kickers”).

    One of the best things about taking time to step back and look around is seeing how others are doing things.  Whether you choose to invest in something or not, just seeing what they’re doing can spark ideas for your business.

    Remember, the idea for restaurant drive-thru windows originally came from a burger restaurant owner driving to a bank drive-thru window in the rain and asking “why not”.