A simple way to improve the client experience

Happy New Year! 

Have you ever been excited about something only to feel let down when you got it?

That was me this weekend.

Excited to jump into the new year and kick off my plans, I invested in something I’d been thinking about and immediately received a receipt from their shopping cart. 


Nothing. Nothing else for two days. After two days, I received an email asking me to schedule a “What’s next” call via their Calendly link. 

The issue is obvious – a new client receives no “Welcome” email or anything other than a receipt, not knowing what to do. 

The fix is simple – Turn that email that was sent two days later into an autoresponder message that’s triggered whenever someone purchases. Done.

Now a client purchases, receives a “Welcome” email with Calendly link and is able to schedule their “What’s next” call.

Desire for immediate gratification is satisfied and the client now happily awaits the call day/time.

This is such a simple and easy fix.

It’s a wonderful reminder to review our systems and processes, to question the status quo and ask “How can we make this better (even when it’s going well)? How can we improve the experience of our clients?”

Here’s to an amazing 2022!