"The 3 Questions"
[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="144"] Leo Tolstoy, photo courtesy of Biography.com[/caption] A client recently asked me how I determine what's the most important thing to focus on. Her question reminded me... Read More
Would you hire yourself?
Let me ask you a simple question. . . “Take a look at the services and programs on your website and tell me, would you hire yourself?” Seriously.  Would you... Read More
A rose by any other name…
Many business owners, particularly online it seems, have had their programs, websites, information pages, intake forms and more taken, copied, borrowed, stolen (fill in your verb of choice) and I've... Read More
Ignorance? Or case of cobbler going barefoot?
Remember the old saying about the cobbler's children having no shoes?  Or the mechanic whose car barely runs? There seems to be a trend of the same from so-called marketing... Read More
Are you in integrity?
    In addition to everything I share in the video above, I believe the Universe supports us in our integrity and “waits” for us when needed: If you’re overwhelmed... Read More
“It’s okay to lie to help a client”
"It's okay to lie to help a client" came from a mentor who intentionally credited her client with experience that the client doesn't yet have. The mentor did it publicly... Read More
The Fine Line Between Inspiration and Imitation
 Several months ago, I saw an ezine which looked very similar to mine – same format, same dots, etc.  I sent a note to the publisher and she said “I... Read More
How far has online marketing fallen?
I received yet another sales pitch email from a very well-known marketer the other day and this one got me curious so I clicked over to the sales page and... Read More