Customer Retention 101: 4 Ways to Keep Clients Coming Back for More

We’re celebrating our 20th year in business in 2024 and am thrilled to say that each of those years has been profitable. 

In doing a recent client review, we took a different approach and started with the question “How long has X client been with us?”

Our average consulting/coaching client has been with us 11 years with the longest being 17 years and the average Get It Done Right Member 9.5 years (the program started Feb 2013). 

Taking a deeper dive into the “why” behind our customer retention figures, it came down to the following: 

  • Extreme Client Care™: Combining a personalized client experience with exceptional customer service. Do we stumble? Absolutely… and we make it right when we do. 
  • Ask Questions and Notice: We regularly ask “Has this been helpful?” and take notes when a client asks “for a favor” so we can include those “favors” in what we normally offer/do/ask if they’d like/surprise them with. 
  • Regular Engagement: All private/consulting clients receive a complimentary Get It Done Right membership. Theirs to use, or not, as they wish… and always knowing that extra level of support, community and engagement are there. 
  • After-purchase Follow-ups: Handwritten “thank you” cards, “thought of you” notes on pages ripped from magazines, “how about this for your offerings” surprise items sent via snail mail. 

All of the above is over and above being darn good at what we do. Competency, excellence actually, in what we do, in our opinion, is the bare minimum. 

How about your customer retention for business? 

  • Do your clients stay? 
  • Do they refer you? 

If so, why? If not, why not? 

*Interesting note… the majority of our clients and GIDR members who do leave often request to return. While the answer is usually “Absolutely, we missed you!”, there are times when that’s not the case

Photo by Ken Tomita