The Key to Social Media Marketing Success
 Today's post is courtesy of Michele Scism of Decisive Minds. . . I am often asked, “What is the one ‘secret sauce’ ingredient to a successful social media presence?”  The... Read More
Are you in integrity?
    In addition to everything I share in the video above, I believe the Universe supports us in our integrity and “waits” for us when needed: If you’re overwhelmed... Read More
“It’s okay to lie to help a client”
"It's okay to lie to help a client" came from a mentor who intentionally credited her client with experience that the client doesn't yet have. The mentor did it publicly... Read More
Facebook Faux Pas
I'm sponsoring a Free Gift site through July 9th -- 22 different entrepreneurs, including me, created a free giveaway (not the "same old" gift on their sites). Depending on the... Read More