It’s time to have a baby
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3 Ways Visuals Can Help Achieve Your Goals
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There’s not enough time
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Are you addicted?
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Independence as a lifestyle, not just a day
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3 Steps to Getting The Most Out of Your Time
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Does your subconscious know something you don’t?
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Every business should have at least one
[caption id="attachment_1108" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="D&B Productions"][/caption] My father-in-law now resides in a full-care facility (a.k.a. "nursing home") and I spend a lot of time there hanging out with him. They... Read More
A Different Way to Plan for 2013
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THE Question to Move You Forward In Everything You Do
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Dogs, Bunnies and Missed Opportunities
While walking one of my dogs this morning, we stopped at the usual big pile of brush by the firepit to "look for bunnies" (they live inside). Sasha was SO... Read More
A new, and I think better, way to plan for 2010 #fb
As I plan for 2010 and reflect on all that happened in 2009, I realize that there are several things I was tolerating in 2009 which will not be a part... Read More