Does your subconscious know something you don’t?

Consistency matters.

If you’ve been reading my stuff for any length of time, you know I often say:

“Ordinary things, done consistently, create extraordinary AND consistent, results.”

And I’m often referring to consistent action with your marketing, finances and business building activities.  But there are other types of consistency, ones not related to specific actions:

* Are your ideal lifestyle goals and ideal business goals consistent?  Or do you want to travel a lot, work 10-hour weeks and have 10 private clients, a group coaching program and a continuity program as you regularly create passive revenue products?

* Are you consistent in the lanuage/style you use with your ideal clients?  Or are you fun and playful in one email and super serious in another?  If your article was published alongside 2 others (without author names), would your ideal clients know which was yours?

* Are your programs, products and services consistent with your brand?  Or are you offering “anything and everything” you think they may invest in?

 * Are you consistent in your business goals and offers?  Or do you plan for high end programs and continuously offer “under $200” packages?

* Are you consistent, and specific, with your ideal client definition? Or does it change with the wind?

Our subconscious mind KNOWS when we’re being inconsistent, even if we don’t fully see it.  And that inconsistency is reflected in our business and revenue.

My Request To You. . .

  1. Look at your business, really look, and ask “Where am I/is the business inconsistent?”
  2. Take action on what you discover.

Thoughts you’d like to share? Comments? I’d love to hear from you below.