How Word-of-Mouth, Customer Reviews Are Changing the Marketing World and Why Some Have It All Wrong

Lately I’ve seen several calls for “join my team” and usually in a “sales” or “cold calling” position.

They have it wrong.

Not that they need additional team members, but the purpose of those members.  It’s not about calling people during dinner or their work day and prompting them to work with you.

It is about encouraging your ideal audience to pick up the phone (or open the email) and contact you!  To create the need for inbound marketing experts.

There are several ways to do it, the most effective is the creation of a Nurturing Path and the below infographic shares some stats for an important piece of that path (Chrome Users:  Please click into the white space below to see infographic):

Ecommerce Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing - Infographic
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