Creating a Giveaway, Launching a New Program, Product or Service? Some Great Examples to Inspire You

Kelly Galea's Free To Be Creative in Business Giveaway


Every once in a while you come across strong offers that are strong not just because of their topic area, but because of the way the owners have put them together.  There are a couple of those that I wanted to share with you here:

  1. The resources themselves have strong content and are good training sources and
  2. The way they’re being done are great examples of “doing things ‘right’” and provide something different from the usual ho-hum — whether you’re interested in the topics or not, pay attention to how they’re being approached.

Resource #1:  Kelly Galea’s Free to Be Creative in Business Giveaway Event.  Totally complimentary and combines Amazon giveaways with expert giveaways (full disclosure, I’m one of the experts and my giveaway — something brand new — is coming up next week).  Check it out here.

Resource #2:  A new affiliate marketing training which includes a complimentary webinar and, something I love: a pdf summary of the webinar so you can see what the training is about before you watch it.  You can download the pdf here.

Resource #3:  The launch of Pink Coattails by Dr. Ellen Britt.  Ellen’s doing an awesome job of building credibility and curiosity for this online community of women business owners helping women business owners.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do.

Resource #4:  An article on which asks if the “Era of Business Cards is Dead” and, as part of the article, shares some cool apps and software which enhance, if not replace, printed business cards.  In this case, the author does a nice job offering a contrary position to a topic that is sacred to Chamber and networking meetings everywhere: the power of the printed business card.

Whether we’re interested in a particular topic or training, it’s always good to check them out to see how others are doing things.  It may just inspire something new in your next campaign. 🙂

And if you have any resources you’d like to share, I’d love to see them below.