Are you making time for this?
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Increase credibility by replacing these two phrases
I've managed an online team for 16 years and was recently referred to as a "founding grandmother" in the online world by Carrie Wilkinson (formerly branded as The Barefoot Executive)... Read More
August… An Interesting Month
I read something years ago about August and, as I was reviewing my August goals, it came to mind. To paraphrase...   August is a funny month. Many people enjoy... Read More
An Unexpected Result From This One Decision
Have you ever prepared to sell a house?   Painting the walls, increasing curb appeal with some bushes/flowers, decluttering to make it "showable", upgrading appliances, etc. only to discover, once... Read More
Craving a Reboot? Shift Your Energy
Have you ever just craved a reboot? Something to shift up the energy? That was me two weekends ago. While I love what I do and am so grateful to... Read More
Perfectionism: A Fear-Filled Time Trap
Today's guest article is from Paula Eder of I am a recovering perfectionist. Letting go of a project or launching a product was a distressing, doubt-riddled process that presented... Read More
Your Path to Productivity
There are so many books, apps, seminars, workshops and types of software on increasing productivity that you’d think we’d have it down by now. Productivity planning for left brainers, right... Read More
19 Tips to Reclaim Your Mornings
Ever wonder what happens to the day? Why your "to do" list is more "do" than "done"? Check out this great infographic from and Column Five: Original source: Read More
Google’s New Inbox App Redefines Email
Google rolled out a new email app, conveniently named "Inbox" last week. The reason? Now that many of us are checking emails before we get anywhere near a computer, Google... Read More
How to Help Improve Your Mindset
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"The 3 Questions"
[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="144"] Leo Tolstoy, photo courtesy of[/caption] A client recently asked me how I determine what's the most important thing to focus on. Her question reminded me... Read More
How to Develop an Empowering Morning Routine
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Lessons learned from a Magic Bullet
[caption id="attachment_3276" align="alignleft" width="95" caption="Magic Bullet"][/caption] Have you ever heard of a Magic Bullet?  They're awesome little blender/chopper things and I can't imagine life without mine when it comes to... Read More
Proof it works…
One of the things I say ALL the time is that: Doing ordinary things consistently creates extraordinary and consistent results and this past week is a perfect example of that.... Read More
There’s not enough time
Do you find yourself uttering the words "there's not enough time" or "I didn't have time to X" when it comes to activities in your business? If so, you want... Read More
3 Steps to Getting The Most Out of Your Time
  Before you watch the below video, remember an article from a couple weeks ago in which I shared the 3 Most Dangerous Words in Business. The reason I mention... Read More
Does your subconscious know something you don’t?
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Hey Entrepreneur! Perhaps It’s Time To Get A J O B
I know, I know. . .get a "J O B", what the heck could I possibly be talking about?!?! After all, we're all entrepreneurs, mavericks, no longer employable, determined to... Read More