When Leverage Becomes a Liability

The title of today's article sounds a bit like an oxymoron — after all, leverage is that thing we all strive for in business. . .how can it possibly become a liability?


A few examples. . .


In coaching


There's been a trend over the past year or so to create high ticket "platinum" programs and hire someone else to run them.


It makes sense from a leverage standpoint — less of your time (someone else runs the calls, answers the emails), more revenue (it's a high ticket program — usually over $10,000 — and is quicker than making/selling products) and you only show up for live retreats (built in celebrity status).


Clients join the program for access to you because of what you've done, your reputation, etc. The leverage you gain comes with the cost of how your clients feel about the arrangement.


From a client perspective, why would I pay a "high ticket" price to you to be coached by Coach X when I could hire Coach X on my own for less money and more personal access?