Being true to your process…

A client reached out and asked for a quick call before heading into a strategy session with one of his clients.

The question was simple: Did I have any thoughts about about increasing engagement in a membership program where members pay up to $100,000 to join and then he shared info on the program.

Hmm…several things popped into my head and none felt right for this situation. Rather than start rattling off a bunch of things that didn’t feel right just to have an answer, I told him I needed a little time to process all he shared.

Then I grabbed BudBud and went for a walk. Ideas started going off in my brain like fireworks and thankfully(!) I brought my phone so could capture them.

Twenty minutes later we were home and sending an email with ideas to not only increase engagement, but also optimize usage of their high-end CRM, provide info on trainings needed, take things offline with their members, identify potential case studies and better manage their bench of coaches.

Putting a pause on the conversation and taking time for my process (I like to walk/pace when brainstorming) made all the difference in the quality of my response.

From not working on certain days to who you accept as clients and how you hire team members or share awesome content and make an impact… What’s your process and how are you designing your business around staying true to it?