[Infographic & PDF] 7 Steps to Product Creation
First, let me dispel the myth that "products" are only for service-based industries like coaching, information marketers and self-help gurus. That is SO not the case. Every business, in every... Read More
It’s true, he can be offensive
Dan Kennedy, often known as “The Professor of Harsh Reality” is one of the most famous/infamous direct response marketers of our time. This might seem a bit odd but I... Read More
Why smart businesses offer PayPal
A client recently mentioned that she doesn’t like PayPal and wasn’t sure if she wanted to continue to offer it as a payment option for her business. Given the title... Read More
McDonald’s gets it wrong while Market Basket gets it right
Same day, minutes apart, two completely different experiences at McDonald’s and Market Basket (a Northeastern United States grocery store chain) and the lessons we can learn as a result. First,... Read More
[Checklist] 5 Things to Consider Before Your Next Sale
Last issue, we discussed 2 ways your sales can go bad quick and started by sharing Jane’s experience of a 50% profit decrease with a 15% off discount (eek!). Today,... Read More
2 Ways Your Sales Can Go Bad Quick
“Jane” called recently to ask if I could help figure out what happened in her business. She sent over some info and we scheduled a session. After reviewing everything, I... Read More
Why You Aren’t Getting More Done
This month’s Get It Done Right Community print newsletter has an article on The Path to Productivity. A second article in that newsletter mentions that about half of our readers... Read More
The impact conversation
So often we’re asked, particularly in the coaching and healing industries, how our businesses impact the world. About our movements. For years, I felt “less than” for not bringing about... Read More
The cure for entrepreneurial burnout
WOW! Last week’s article on burnout inspired more responses than I imagined. . .with most of them starting with “How did you know?” or “You just described me!” So it’s... Read More
My Most Valued 3 Tools + 1 Concept
A question I’m asked often is “What tools do I need to be successful?” and while I can’t answer that specifically without knowing more about your business, I can share... Read More
Selling and Extreme Client Care Lessons from 4 Authors
Recently, while reading up on the trends of book sales – electronic, paperback and hardcopy – it occurred to me how creative authors are getting to jumpstart sales, sometimes months... Read More
Where templates go awry
A couple of weeks ago I received an email about a webinar replay.  The note’s subject line and first paragraph were all about how amazing, how wonderful the call was... Read More
No Man is an Island
We all need support. From someone to celebrate with when things are amazing to someone to vent with when things go awry. From someone to bounce questions and ideas off... Read More
Escalator Marketing: The What and How
A recent article describing 3 types of marketing left out a big one – Escalator Marketing™, and I thank Maryann, Jane, Louise and Sarah for sending emails asking why it... Read More
3 Types of Marketing: Which 1, or 2, best describes your business
A recent topic of conversation at a retreat I held in Martha’s Vineyard, and one I thought you would enjoy, is the difference between “push”, “pursuit” and “attraction” marketing.  And... Read More
He Tore Apart My Website Home Page
Recently I learned that the top of my website home page was reviewed on video by one of the big gurus. After poking some fun at my name, understandably, he... Read More
How to Make Behavioral Congruence Work For, Not Against, You
“Behavioral Congruence”.  While it sounds like one of those $5.00 phrases for “walk your talk”, it actually goes deeper. So many business owners call themselves “entrepreneurs”, yet act as if... Read More
7 Time Management Tips to Reclaim Your Sanity and Productivity
Two things often happen this time of year – you review what’s happened so far and smile, knowing that you took advantage of opportunities, minimized “hiccups” and generally had a... Read More