6 Keys for a Writing Retreat: Behind-The-Scenes of a Successful One
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Even in a "virtual" world, at what point is it just too much?
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Productivity, Efficiency & Effectiveness: The difference and why you care
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Time Is Money
A few weeks ago, while on our annual trek to the Cold Hollow Cider Mill in Vermont, DH and I stopped at a glass blowing studio/shop. One piece in particular... Read More
3 Components of a Successful Online Giveaway/Virtual Event
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Implementation Fail: How 4 Businesses Cost Themselves Customers and Revenue
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The Future of Marketing
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Announcing the Winners from Solo-E's 10th Anniversary Ultimate Giveaway
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What is your definition of success?
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The Case of the Squirrel
There's a nice deck high up in the trees at our condo in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  It's absolutely gorgeous with the trees starting to turn colors all... Read More
When the “Lifestyle” hurts the Business
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How to “Pandora” Your Business
This morning, while chopping summer squash and zucchini for a primavera sauce, I was listening to Pandora. If you aren't familiar with Pandora, it's an app for your phone/tablet which... Read More
10 Extreme Client Care Tips for Building Client Loyalty
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5 Reasons Your Marketing is Failing
Marketing, done well, reduces the need for "selling" in Sales.  You've likely heard some paraphrase of the above a million times. Potential clients come to you ready to invest, they... Read More
It all goes wrong: What would you do?
It's 5pm.  The room is going to be filling up in under 30 minutes with fans who have paid extra to have this time with you. They're your VIPs. Nothing's... Read More
How to eliminate barriers to sales
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An overlooked aspect of business success
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The Circles of Trust™: Where does your business land?
When choosing whether or not to invest in, or hire, you, your prospective clients are first determining whether or not they trust you. Perhaps consciously, perhaps subconsciously, but that "Can... Read More