Dogs, Bunnies and Missed Opportunities

While walking one of my dogs this morning, we stopped at the usual big pile of brush by the firepit to "look for bunnies" (they live inside).

Sasha was SO focused on looking in this one spot, that she neglected to see bunnies running out from every other conceivable exit and so missed the opportunities to see bunnies running all around her.

Meanwhile, my shepherd Sheba was so intent on watching Sasha so she "didn't miss anything" that she missed everything as well.

Now while this is cute when we're talking about dogs and bunnies, it's not cute when we're talking about you and your business.

Are you so focused on a certain goal or project that you're missing other opportunities?

Take time each day to reflect on what's going on all around you — even if it's 5 minutes before you shut down for the evening — your business will thank you! 🙂