A Common, and Recurring, Mistake When Sending Emails

When was the last time you experienced your emails as a member of your community?

  • I recently joined someone’s community and kept getting invites to a workshop (after I signed up). 
  • I also recently joined a paid membership program (different community) and continue to receive email invites to join the program that I’m a member of. 

In both cases I let the business owner know. One thanked me and immediately “fixed” and then it happened again with a different set of emails. The other hasn’t acknowledged my note.

The issue is simple. 

Whoever is setting up the broadcasts/email newsletters isn’t segmenting. And if they are, the program/workshop welcome emails weren’t properly set up to tag new members/workshop sign-ups so they don’t receive invites over and over for something they’ve already signed up for. 

It matters. 

For several reasons, including:

  • Overall customer experience: We all get enough emails and filling our inbox with stuff that, at best, isn’t helpful and, at worst, is a nuisance doesn’t serve anyone.
  • It makes us wonder…What else isn’t working? When we mess up, and, as humans, we all do, there’s always the question of what else isn’t working. 

And then there are times when readers may see an invite that’s part of something larger. 

For example, today’s PS includes an invitation to receive a complimentary Escalator™ dry-erase wall poster along with other options. When there are several options, it may not make sense to segment each one. In this case, if we did, there would be over ten versions of this broadcast. 

It’s a judgment call. 

The important thing is the person who’s sending out your broadcasts understands the technology, knows how to set it up properly and knows enough to make the calls (or check with you).

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