The Intersection of Diets, Gardens & Business — and How to Harness the Power of One Simple Concept

String BeansVisiting different farmers’ markets and hanging out in my own garden this past weekend, something “clicked” for me.

While growing a successful crop, becoming healthy and building a business all take time, effort and attention, there’s a way to speed it up without spending a ton of time, effort or attention.

This one simple thing, almost as if by magic, makes all the difference to our long-term success.

That one thing is “The Power of Instant Gratification”.

Yep, that “thing” that we’ve been told is “bad” for so long is actually both inspiring and motivating when properly harnessed:

  • The “jumpstart” diet that allows you to drop 5lbs in a week can inspire you to stick with your healthy eating plan and get walking.
  • Planting peas or spinach in early spring, both of which grow quickly and can be harvested throughout their growth stages.  Or sunflower seeds in summer for some crunchy sprouts in just a few days can keep you going through the longer harvest cycle of tomatoes, peppers or watermelon.
  • And seeing some quick results in your business, can motivate you to keep going.  For example, a client recently tweaked her social media strategy and sent out a highly targeted survey with two results: immediate list growth which has held steady as she implements the strategy and 5 discovery sessions, of which the first 3 have become new clients.

Doing something and seeing an *instant* result gives us a boost of motivation and the incentive to continue to see even more results.

What can you do today to feel the effects of “instant gratification” in your business, or life:

  • Follow-up with potential clients who are just waiting to hear from you?
  • Reconnect with a friend or colleague?
  • Pick up the phone and. . .

Once you start, and see a result, it becomes natural to continue:  “A body in motion stays in motion.  A body at rest stays at rest.”

Do you have a tale of instant gratification you can share with us below?  We’d love to learn from you!