5 Reasons Marketing Fails
Most businesses go about marketing all wrong.  I’ve been partnering with small business owners for 11+ years and see the same mistakes again and again. The issue is as simple... Read More
Relationship Marketing vs Lead Generation Marketing
Replies to last week’s discussion of whether you prefer the “pretty” html format with pictures and logos or the simple text-like email format were interesting – about 85% preferred simple... Read More
Affiliate Marketing 6 Step Success Cycle Infographic
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The Telesummit Invite: Misunderstanding Relationship Marketing or ?
Recently I was invited to be a guest on a telesummit by someone I don't personally know. The invite was well-written, professional and stated that I'd be a great match... Read More
How to lose credibility, tick people off and get unsubscribes
It always amazes me when marketers assume your world revolves around them. Here's a sampling of emails I've received in the last few days which have not only led to... Read More
What happens on the other side of your door?
The other day, I shared a post about the first tenet of Escalator Marketing(tm): Having ONE door to your business, one door so that when prospective clients and partners visit... Read More