Developing Compelling Offers

Creating Your Product Org ChartWondering what people will buy from you?

For those newer in business (say, less than a year), I recommend creating several mini-content offers, each targeted to a specific topic — this way you’ll discover what your audience is looking for.

Surveys are great, but “wallet votes” are so much better.  “Wallet votes” are my definition for when someone selects something by investing in/purchasing it.

For everyone else, I recommend developing content that educates (always!) and simultaneously showcases you as the credible expert in your area.

The simplest way to do the above is to make 3 lists:

  1. What are the most common questions you receive from your prospects?
  2. What do you wish your prospects would ask you?
  3. What do you see your customers, clients and prospects complaining about (particularly again and again)?

Schedule a time on your calendar now to make these three lists and/or do as I do, keep a tabbed notebook and jot them down whenever they come up.  Put stars next to the repeats.

Got your lists?

Good…now 3 more things to do

  1. Now pick one segment (demographic) of your ideal client profile.

For me it could be: Women business owners age 45 and higher who are thinking about retirement and wanting to build a long term passive revenue stream which requires less than 10 hours/month to keep it going.

Which demographic did you pick?

Now create content specific to this one demographic.

Remember our Strategic Marketing & Calendar System and how it’s focused on quarters of the year?

Same thing’s true here.

Spend a quarter – a full three months – creating content for that demographic.

  1. Build Your Escalators (or Funnels)

We’ve covered this in other places so I won’t go deep into it here.

Start with your Product Org Chart (link to previous Escalate/GIDR presentation, no opt-in required).  Create that based on the results of #1 above.

Once you have your Product Org Chart, build out your Escalators.  Remember to Upserve throughout the entire Escalator for maximum conversions and, more importantly, long term client monetization.

  1. Be Different

Forgetting the “you’re unique and so have no competition” BS many spout.  While it’s true that each of us are unique, reality is potential customers and clients don’t know our uniqueness from Competitor A’s and so rely on our marketing and offers to make their decisions – and THEN on the experience we provide and whether or not they decide to “get to know us better”

How will your offer be different?

The simplest way, for those in the online world, is to do something offline (I know…you’ve heard this from me several times before, but ARE YOU DOING IT?).

Look at what others in your industry are doing and ask yourself “What AREN’T they doing?” and “How can I do that?”

Your revenue, and resulting profits, will thank you.

Grab your calendar and schedule in the 4 total steps (Create 3 Lists, Segment, Build and Differentiate) from above.

Questions?  Comments?  Please share below.

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