Innovation lessons from the post office

You’re a business owner.

Whether you serve consumers or other businesses, you may wish to send a direct mail campaign without knowing the full name and mailing address.

Enter the US Postal Service® with Every Door Direct Mail®, a service which allows you to select the neighborhoods to target and POOF! your mail gets delivered with the rest of that day’s mail.

It’s a great way to saturate an area and be sure your message gets there — without buying/renting expensive and, often, out-of-date lists.

You can learn more at

What I love about it is that it’s innovative.  During a time when the post office is hurting, when it’s easier to send an email than an actual letter, they’ve created a way for businesses — small and large — to use their services in a win-win-win:

  • Win for the business who can target customers it otherwise may not have been able to do (financially and practically)
  • Win for the consumer/business client who receives exposure to a business which can serve their needs (coupons, sales events, menus, etc.) and a
  • Win for the post office who has increased customers and revenue

Now let me ask you, if the post office can be innovative in its approach to gain new clients, how can you?