Value Ladders: Identifying the holes in your offerings

Do you ever do tedious work while having a movie on in the background? 

This weekend, I decided to knock out a few tedious things that only I could do with The Secrets of Dumbledore playing in the background – I love the Harry Potter series! 

One of the tedious tasks? Delving into the dark recesses of my Dropbox and doing some re-organizing – we recently hired a new team member and that’s motivation to ensure she can easily find what she needs. 

In doing so, I found several programs and products that I’ve either taught or offered once and then moved on to the next thing. Unintentionally leaving them in a vault of sorts. 

That ends now. 

While we have lots of complementary resources (reports, blog, R3 Alexa briefings, Medium articles, social media, etc.), our Get It Done Right Community (doors currently open with special investment through June 15th) and private work with me, we haven’t focused on on-demand self-study programs and products.

As a result, we’re in the process of updating and creating on-demand programs and products that will serve you where your business is now. 

How about you? When thinking about your offers, are you meeting your ideal audience wherever they’re at not only in what you provide, but in how you provide it?

Here’s a Google doc template to help you identify any potential holes in your offerings – just be sure to update the pricing columns to match your business.